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This is kinda just a place holder at the moment until I can get the money together, but I've got a cool idea, and was asked to share the progress.

I am getting a pandaboard, porting aokp, and with the help of wireless mouse/keyboard, setting it up as a wireless media center for my room.

So far, all I have is the hardware picked out.

$182- PandaBoard ES​

I chose the ES because its only $6 more than the PandaBoard, but it features the updated omap4460 chip as opposed to the omap4430.​

HDMI a to HDMI a cable

HDMI cable allows you to connect your board to the HDMI display. I am using the one from my old xbox 360, but any will work.​

5V Power supply

Needs to be 3V or more input, this is the cheapest one I found, others ranged from $20 to $30.​


Ive seen some cases prefabricated for the board, but those were $50+ and getting the board already in the case will come in around $300. A case isn't necessary, but we have cats and live in a very old apt, so I prefer to keep it covered.​

This case does NOT come with the ports cut out, you will need to do that on your own. (More details when I get to that point.)​

Monitor - OPTIONAL
Any HDMI monitor will work. I have a laptop, so I cant use my current computer monitor. I've chosen a 23 inch HDMI display which is going to run me around $130.​

Its important to remember that if you don't get built in speakers, you will need to get those separately.​

USB Mini 2 USB

I'm using an old cord from my Eris, so look around, I bet you already have one of these somewhere.​

I'm using an old 8gb card. Pick the card that suits your memory needs.​

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - OPTIONAL

I've chosen this specific keyboard to work in conjunction with the trackpad, though any keyboard, wireless or wired will work.​

Apple Magic Touchpad - OPTIONAL

There was a video I saw where a guy was using his Nexus to display on his TV. He used one of these in the demo and it was so much nice than a mouse. It allows for intuitive swiping, multitouch, all the touch based gestures we have come to know and love in android.​
Magic Connector - OPTIONAL

Because the kb and trackpad are wireless, youll be moving them around a lot. Because they are not connected to each other, this can cause a bit of a hassle. This product is basically a tray with magnets setup to keep the kb and pad in place, on a hard surface so you can put it on your lap or bed, etc.​

For me, the total of the project hardware will be about... $473

Few tips to keep your prices down.
  1. Use ebay whenever you can.
  2. Look around, recycle old parts. Many of the materials I've mentioned, I found lying around my room after I checked.
  3. Shop around. Most of these are pretty generic parts that you can find on a million sites in a million brands.
  4. If you don't need it, don't get it. (Case, mouse, etc etc.)
Well, that's all I got now. I'm working on getting together the money for the hardware, and Ill keep this updated as the project progresses.

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If you are going to use Pandaboard, perhaps you should also look into Linaro as opposed to AOKP. Linaro is 100% faster than AOSP and its derivatives, not to mention free, and supports Pandaboard.
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