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"Partner" Area

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Currently my family is still using Verizon, with about a year left on our contract. I'm the only one in the family using data but my father's phone used to have data and doesn't anymore and he hasn't been too happy about that. (It's a long story with my mom trying to change stuff to cut costs and somehow managing to get us less stuff but at an even bigger cost, way to go...)

Anywho, we aren't too happy with the looks of things as they are shaping up with Verizon. I use A LOT of data every month, the tiered plans wouldn't be nearly enough for me and those prices are a bit too much. I like the looks of T-Mobile's plans, but the problem is looking at their maps we live smack dab in the middle of a partner area. I'm just curious what this would entail exactly as they don't seem to have this plainly posted anywhere on their site. I tried Googling around but I kept finding older maps and such, but nothing recent enough for me to feel like it could be "current" info.
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It means you will be roaming.. .and they dont like people that roam very much.
The data allowance for roaming is quite small.

What state are you in?
That is unfortunate.
I have a feeling that they are more worried about their existing footprint before they expand it.

I know that means your really stuck with choosing the lesser of two evils at that point.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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