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i thought its better to make just one thread to all the arabic patches and update it constantly

it should work in every where (gmail,web browser,messages ...) except the menu

a big thanks to madmack for his amazing tool

Desire HD Roms

Virtuous Affinity 1.46 ParfieldIME keyboard included

RCMIX Runny Sense 3.5
v4.0 ParfieldIME keyboard included ...Download
v3.3 ParfieldIME keyboard included ...Download
v3.1 ParfieldIME keyboard included ...Download
v3.0 ParfieldIME keyboard included ...Download
v2.2 ParfieldIME keyboard included ...Download

RCMIX 3D "Sensation port" Sense 3.5...Download

Honey Wonder 3D v2..Sense 3...Download

LeeDroid v4 Beta Snese 3(android 2.3.5)...Download

RCMIX VoidU (android 2.3.5)...Download
v1.1 ...Download

Gr5 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the HTC Desire HD...Download

DeSense v4b (android 2.3.5)...Download

Android Revoultion HD 6.1.0 (android 2.3.5)...Download

RCMIX Bliss v1.3 (android 2.3.4)...Download

Virtuous Unity 2.35 (android 2.3.4)...Download
2.37 (android 2.3.4)...Download
2.39 (android 2.3.4)...Download

RCMIX Sega (android 2.3.5) ...Download

RCMIX Double Shots (android 2.3.4)...Download

General Arabic for SENSE 3 roms (2.3.4)...Download

upon request here is the zip file for Parfield Arabic and Persian Keyboard....Download

and here the original arabic font in case u didn't like the new one
and here is a patch for the new font just in case

Sensation roms
Virtuous Sensation S/XE v.2.1.0...Download

Desire S roms

Desire S Android 2.3.5 Sense 3.0 {v0.9} ...Download
Desire S Android 2.3.5 Sense 3.0 v10 ...Download

requests are welcomed
,bugs reports welcomed as well

A thanks press won't hurt

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well turns out your patch works but it sure messes up a lot of things along! Im runing android 2.3.5 htc sense 3.0 Android revolution HD 6.3.3 by mike 1986 your patch blocks Facebook from displaying the feed instead it loses connection also it affects the memory from being displayed for example if you are downloading an app the amount of memory doesn't display instead PBi have no idea what PB means and any other thing relating to memory gets the same two letters.
Gmail is affected as well the titles of the emails are partially displayed and the rest is just punch of ($$%&) signs

I know this because as soon as i restore my phone to previous backups these issues disappear.
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