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People on Ebay completely overpricing...starting to see price come back down

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I've been watching Ebay for the past 2 weeks and I've seen prices slowly creeping upwards. Now the past 2 days I've noticed prices are starting to creep down and fewer and fewer people are bidding. People selling their TouchPads are really trying to get greedy. Rather than put up a no reserve, no minimum bid to start, they are putting it up to start at $190-$200. Or they are putting them up for a Buy It Now of $250.

I look forward to watching all of those that bought hundred to thousands of these squirm as people refuse to pay that much and the time where HP brings out their last shipment is closer.

The closer we get to the new shipment and the farther away we get from the firesale, the more people willose the anxiety and pay these prices as they begin to see prices decline in fear retailers won't sell their stock before the next $99/$149 TouchPads become available.
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ilive12 said:
They probably will still use the firesale price...

They arent making more only for the demand, but they are making more because they have loads of extra parts that they can still sell in touchpads.
this is toughee! it can go both ways, the $99 is what attracted everyone!

Yes there will be a few that want one, or wanted one and will pay the $199-299 that HP will relist them as.

But i think a majority knowing most got it a $99 puts a bad taste, then when you think of 199, not sooo bad... but 249-299, i would just fork over the extra dough for an iPad2 or wait the few months for the up and coming iPad 3
tdiebold said:
Actually I am fairly certain they did say they were going to still sell them for $99 and $149.
some new guy replacing another explained with the demand they will release more, but not at the same closeout price... i have to find it but running out for lunch and errands
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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