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Petition to HTC to release a new phone with hardware keyboard...

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You might be interested in the petition we recently fired up on :)

"Since good old HTC Desire Z, the world is left without a new, powerful HTC device that comes with hardware keyboard. At the time of the release of such fantastic devices as HTC One X and S, we are sad to see that there's no news of a new keyboard device with qHD+ resolution and keyboard, to compete with the Motorola and Samsung devices.

HTC please consider releasing a new and modern device with superb camera, display and hardware keyboard!"

Sign it, so it might happen eventually. :)



Elektrey on our IRC channel has designed an 3d model of a possible form for a "HTC One Z"... :) I think it pretty nicely depicts how it could look...

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Can't seem to post urls or images here. will try to get a fix for this...
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