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razor2006 said:
Ask, and ye shall receive...

As previously mentioned, Seidio is the company who makes those cases. BestBuy just rebrands and resells them.
Just received my Sedio case yesterday (The one that fits the extended battery) and there are two main points I look at in a case.

1. Style: The case looks pretty good on the phone but does make it a wee bit thicker. Still fits somewhat easily in my pocket though so no issues here.

2. Does it protect?: Yes it does do its job. It feels sturdy, and feels like even if I drop it, my phone will still be in great shape.

This paired with a SGD screen protector makes my phone feel invincible.

Now if only I could stay on the same ROM for more than 2 days =P.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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