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Make a pledge for the bounty for jelly bean Root of the Atrix HD.
As best as I can I will update and maintain the thread to reflect current with new posts. I understand developers can't just do these things for free.
Please help our community out and those who donate along with myself will do our best to repay the favour. If jelly bean can be rooted then development might take off.
When root is obtained I will update the thread to reflect said progress. The payment service will be dependent upon the Dev that obtains root.

Update 2/2/2013
Here are some helpful threads for any Developers ambitious enough to try and challenge this bootloader.
djrbliss Atrix HD ICS Root Exploit - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1940594
Hashcode Atrix HD Safestrap Recovery - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1995220
Mattlgroff Atrix HD Partition Research - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1813418
Mattlgroff Atrix HD Bootloader unlock insight - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1812332
C0deMaver1ck Atrix HD Bootloader Research - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1896526
tcf38012 Atrix Hd Bootloader Research - http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=2124427
jose51197 Atrix HD 4.1.1 Root Exploit Testing - http://forum.xda-dev....4#post37542524

Update 2/3/2013
Posted a thread of the exact same nature to

Total: $430.00

TTLayland - $80.00
Miko85 - $10.00
TenguSnake - $20.00
Shawn_87 - $20.00
[email protected] - $100.00
Overpound - $75.00
fromanbr - $10.00
danlaben - $15.00
Youngunn2008 - $20.00
Adj5064 - $30.00
mn3kgtvr4 - $10.00
TooSlo - $20.00

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As far as I can tell this worked for me. Then again I use Linux as my OS on my desktop, which may not be the same as everyone else.


EDIT: Battery life significantly decreased today after rooting, not sure what the cause is. I'll keep trying to find out though
EDIT2: Looks like all I needed was a simple reboot after rooting and battery life returned to normal
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