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In todays age, we have technology and in technology we still don't have a decent amount of provider coverage in all the areas we live. So here I am, telling everyone about how people get stuck with Verizon and are not able to enjoy their devices to the maximum potential.

I have come here on this thread to put the first $50 in the pot to get an HTC One for Verizon to give to a developer to help get the bootloader unlocked. Instead of just getting a pot and a bounty started, we are going to help a fellow developer by the name of xIndirect who will work with other developers to maybe get a solid and stable way to unlock your devices.

if you would like to donate here is a link, for anyone who donates more than $15 will get supporter status and will not view advertisements on RootzWiki. I think that is more than enough to get some people interested in helping out these develoeprs.

TOTAL: $610.09 after fees.

Goal: $648

REMINDER: This is not a guarantee of any work to be performed. When we buy locked devices, we get what the provider gives us, so that being stated, if any root or exploit is to be achieved, it may or may not be patched. This is also not a guarantee for support of an exploit or root method, this is simply a method of getting a device to a developer., any of it's Admin or any person appointed to receive the device is not responsible or guaranteeing any accomplishments through development, hardware modification or anything similar to the previous stated.



nscott69 - $15

PapaSmurf6768 - $5

DavidKotzebue - $20

Irvine32 - $20

Undisclosed Developer - $25

dspcap - $15

CraigSchroeder - $20

ilstec2 - $20

APieceOfStrange - $10

DeviouslyLost - $20

Deowick - $20 - $20

djh36 - $20

Thecitywelivein - $15

HolyAngel - $20

jasonxlee01 - $15

jlmazoff - $20

thekwijibo - $15

kjens0815 - $20

If you do not see your name on here, please PM me, some of the users are not posting, and I don't want to post personal emails and info. Thanks!

I haven't caught up to names yet, but I will leave the donation open until around noon to get a new device, otherwise I am going online to buy it.

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Ok, catching up on Donations now. You guys should know there is a secret person who is a developer for HTC devices who pitched in!
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