Roman Nurik's new project that's been all the rage with designer's and those who just like live wallpapers, Muzei has really been getting a lot of press lately. The new thing with Muzei though is not only with all these apps available as plugins for it, but also the themes.

If you've been keeping up with Muzei, then you probably know that many apps and services have been making extensions for Muzei support. These includes such groups like Instagram, Taskei (which provides Muzei with Tasker support), MultiMuze (which cycles through multiples of your Muzei extension) and even Allcast (made by popular Android dev Koush, which puts Muzei on your TV). These are great plugins but what about the wallpapers that are included in our favorite themes that are blurred out?

Here is where some of our favorite designers come into play, and we're gracias they did. Theme makers Dave Kover (with themes like Lumos) and Alex Miller (with themes such as Influx) are giving their themes Muzei support, letting you cycle through their wallpapers at will. You'll then see the walls blurred softly so that you can focus on the icons and widgets, or you can doubletap and see the walls in their original high-quality version. To quote Dave:

We're excited to announce that we'll be adding Muzei support in our next update!

You will probably see more designers add Muzei support to their launcher themes as soon as an update comes out. I've heard that Nathaniel Webb may be the next to add Muzei support. Are you liking the Muzei support in all these different products or do you think this is just a passing fad?

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Muzei is available for free from the Play Store​