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This is a Sense 2.1/3.0 hybrid awesomeness rom, major thanks to insertcoin for the framework job he did!, and me for porting/fixing it for the mt4g


Latest Flaux OC Kernel Pre Loaded
Busybox - Latest
CRT TV Animations - thanks capychimp & robocik
Super Big More Quick Settings, with Task Manager - thanks robocik and capychimp
Sense 3.0 Lock Screens Now sure if all works, but so far weather, FriendStream and Default one Work.
Sense 3.0 insertions - thanks capychimp & robocik
Sense 3.0 Weather Sounds
Sense 3.0 super nice lockscreen
Sense 3.0 Wallpapers
Sense 3.0 Streak Live wallpaper
Sense 3.0 Friendstream
Sense 3.0 Messages app
Sense 3.0 Usb Menu
Sense 3.0 Task Managerk manager, Brightness Level, Audio Level - thanks robocik
Latest Market Apps Version
Swipe Included
Wifi Calling working
More Locale
Market Access
optimization for speed and less memory usage
Menu/Back wake Mod

Download Link:
Username:will Pass:will2

Change Log:
Added working sense 3.0 camera
Fixed Weather App
Added HTC Sensation look a like Skin(choose it on skins selection)
Removed Market Access App(useless to us,android market is still there don't confuse ur self!)
Removed More Locale App
Removed Cifs Manager(useless to us)

MMS Fix:

v1.0: 2MFZ6XWC

InsertCoin Batt% OverScrollGlow Flyin Anim mod:

MMS Fix:

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Button works fine, the genius function i disabled it, thats how i decided it would be =]
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