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I Was Asked By Friend Of Original Creator To Port This To Our Forum, I Take No Credit For This Rom... All Credit Due To Original Creator AKA...Lidroid Showcase His Work In A Safe Way... Original Zip Files No Bootloaders Plus Added Kernels And Modem

I Am Not Responsible Nor Is Original Creator For What You Do To Your Phone...READ OP BEFORE FLASHING IT HELPS...

Back Up Your Efs With This Cwm Flashable 1101 Downloads

Added Or Fixed:
Lidroid Kernel 1.7(Based On Stock JVT Kernel)
1 Ghz, Voodoo Lag Fix, Voodoo Sound v.8, Voodoo Color Fix, CWM Recovery (Latest)
Back To Samsung Boot Animation And Shutdown W/ Sound
Beautifully Redesigned Framework
Extended Stock Notification Window
Extended Power Menu
Sip Intergration W/ Menu Control
KA5 Modem(Better On Battery And Data)
Build.Prop: Lidroid SGS 3.0.0
Newest Market
Model No. SGH-T959
Home Haptic Feedback
Headset Working
Nexus S 2.3.4 3d Fix
On And Off Crt Lockscreen Shutdown(Called Beam)
5 Lockscreens-Sliding Tab, Rotary, Rotary Revamped, Lense, Epic, Puzzle
Chinese Keyboard
Gmail Latest
Google Talk (Video Chat Update)
Google Maps Latest
CWM 4 Latest Correct Button Mapping (You Can Only See It With Bootloaders)
Use CF Root Manager App If You Dont Have Bootloaders
Lidroid Modem
Even Between Battery And Speed 50%/50% Ratio
(This Is My Opinion But Varys)

Install Method:
Odin Version Of Lidroid 3.0.0 JVT For Bootloader (Optional Clears Rainbow In Recovery And So Forth) If Your Unsure Dont Odin Bootloader Versions, T959 Version Only...

1.Flash To Stock JFD (Dont Skip This)
2.Go To Clock Work Recovery
4.Reboot And Wait 15 Mins. Then Reboot Again
5.Charge 100% Then Calibrate Battery
Follow Directions For Best Results...
Done ...

Method To Flash Back To Another Rom:
If You Wanna Get Back To A Different Rom There Is Two Ways:
1. Odin Back To Stock JFD
2. Use Sgs Kernel Flasher To Flash A Stock 2.2 Kernel, (Will Boot To Vibrant Screen Pull Battery And Go Into Recovery Mode And Flash Away)
3.Use Recovery To Flash CWM3 Compatible Rom

Only For Bootloader Vibrants: XXJVS-XXJVT
Recovery Mode:
Hold Down On Down Volume Button And Power... Let Go When
Vibrant Screen Blinks

Download Mode: XXJVS-XXJVT
Hold Down On Up Volume Button And Power... Let Go When Download Pops Up

Download Rom

Original Lidroid 2.4.0: XWJVB 79 Downloads

Lidroid Kernel 1.0 15 Downloads

Original Lidroid 2.5.0: XWJVH 180 Downloads

Lidroid Kernel 1.1 52 Downloads

Original Lidroid 2.6.0: ZSJV5 130 Downloads

Lidroid Kernel 1.3 68 Downloads

Original Lidroid 2.7.0: XXJVP

Lidroid Kernel 1.4

Original Lidroid 2.8.2: XXJVQ

Lidroid Kernel 1.5

Original Lidroid 2.9.0 XXJVR

Lidroid Kernel 1.6

Original Lidroid 2.9.1(This Is Directly From Lidroid, I Haven't Done Anything To It... Must Be Running 2.9.0 Before Flashing This Update...)

Original Lidroid 3.0.0 XXJVT

Lidroid Kernel 1.7

Lidroid Rom Tools Apk Great With Lidroid Kernel 1.3 67 Downloads

1.Gps (Temp Gps Fix) Cmenard And Birgertime Jvp Fix... It Has GPS Init.rc Binerys But Its Not Proven That The Kernel Is Tweak To Handle GPS Fix...

1. Lidroid 2.4.0, 2.5.0, 2.6.0, 2.7.0 2.8.0 2.9.0
2.Chainfire For CWM App,
3.Rafalense For Hacked Camera,
4.Steven 1811 For Hacked Browser,
6.If I Missed Anybody Sorry And Thank You...

Donate To These Devs No Donation For Me...
If I Made A Mistake Let Me Know PM Me Ill Fix It...

15 Posts
Fine Words From Lidroid: Not Everything Applies To Our Build

lidroid sgs 3.0.0 features:

1. based on the official 2.3.5 firmware XXJVT, I9000/I897/T959 defaults lidroid kernel 1.7 (lidroid kernel 1.7 with the latest kernel code update2 Samsung official compilation, CWM Recovery using the latest
2. increasing CIFS / TUN / PPPOE module, available for download and install CifsManager electronics market to mount windows share.
3. the kernel to increase support for BLN, BLN can go to if you need to use the electronic market search BLN Control installed and turned on, the default is not turned on.
4. the lock screen battery indicator fix the problem.
5. cool power menu, restart will restart the phone after entering the menu, recovery model, Brush model with three options.
6. dial-up support for phonetic search.
7. come and call to show ownership, common special service, an IP prefix with +86 and the ownership of land can be displayed correctly.
8. on by default, we are most concerned about the 2.3 switch screen animation (not just off-screen animation with, the opening screen animation is also open, and this is the only one based on the official 2.3ROM support the opening screen animation ROM ^_^), Li Zhuo in the advanced settings also provide options can be turned off.
9. the original drop-down button switch 12 to provide open source and third-party ROM tutorial transplantation,
10. connected to perfect vibration intensity correction, so that when you call do not have to accept on the listening ear radiation! (Settings -> Call Settings -> all calls -> outgoing calls Vibrating alert, and Settings -> Sound -> tactile feedback).
11. an enhanced version of SMS, sending 10 people to lift restrictions, continue to support full-screen mobile newspaper, and provides two ways to read MMS, SMS backup and recovery is no longer available, the system will be built this kit feature. (Personal Information Backup System Toolbox)
12. seven unlock the screen (slide to unlock, unlock rotation, rotation unlock 2, the drop-down box to unlock, unlock mirror, puzzles to unlock, unlock slide up and down), based on modified source code CM7 lock lock screen Samsung adds screen music controls, support for gestures to unlock and open all kinds of applications, flexibility in configuration,
13. System Toolbox V3.4, the new UI style, support batch backup and recovery, batch install and uninstall programs disabled, flip mute, auto-start housekeeping, automatic flight, the personal information backup, installed necessary, power-saving mode , screen shots, bar code scanning and other functions.
14. to increase power Zhuo advanced settings tool, you can set the window animation speed, animation speed, and switching the font size, font size changes effective after reboot.
15. built-in S2 in Kies Air, supports PC-side management through WIFI on the phone files, very convenient.
16. Google Maps updated to 5.10.1 official version.
17. dial the call history and contacts are not displayed by default text messages.
18. Li Zhuo advanced settings to increase the switch IOS style of interface, you can immediately switch the UI style, style, or IOS-style native to you Xpress.
19. provides power Zhuo super mount, you can be an external SD card lidroid extended to the contents of the directory / sdcard directory, so you no longer play games to worry about navigation.
20. the browser supports hardware acceleration.
21. Google Talk updated to support latest version of the video chat.
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