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T-Mobile Galaxy S II v.V HERCULES

Hawkish Premium V JVT Was The Base Rom...
Smooth Smoothest Smoother...I Am Not Responsible For Any Damages, You Take Resposibility When You Download Rom...

First Off Back Up EFS :
Back Up Your Efs With This Cwm Flashable

Downloads :

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Hercules Rom v.V :

TW4 Launchers :
TW4 T-Mobile : http://www.mediafire...848x9cl5edcavrb

TW4 AT&T : http://www.mediafire...2awn1az979mvbvv

TW4 Epic : http://www.mediafire...3840j6pvcpsea10


Asphalt 6 Can Only Be Used If You Free Up Space, Remember Rom Must Be Well In The Range Of The Phones Memory To Boot, Dont Flash It Place It Using Root Explorer... ( So Delete What You Dont Want )
Confirmed Working I've Used It But The Graphics Are Green Due To No SGS II 3D Graphics And Processor...

Asphalt :

Features :
• Based On The Latest Firmware XXJVT Gingerbread 2.3.5
- Deodexed,
- Zipalined,
- Rooted.
• Lidroid 1.7 Kernel ( Stable )
• All Framework And Applications Zipaligned,
• Applications Zipaligned On Every Boot
• PNG Optimized, And Compressed To Save Space
• New Lib And Bin Files From The New Sgs2 Epic
• Arabic Patch ( Gmail, Browser )
• SIP Over Wifi And 3g
• Google Talk With Video
• CRT Screen Off Animation + Over Scroll (Blue)
• CLEAN TouchWiz Lockscreen Mod ( Thanks To Bo$s )
• Mms.apk Mod ( Thanks To Muveszur )
- No Auto Converting Messages To MMS After 4 SMS.
- Possible To Add To The Message 200 Contacts Instead Of 20 Contacts.
- Display Sent Time Instead Of The Received Time ( As Option On Rev. App )
• WiFi Supplicant Scan Interval Has Been Increased To Minimize Battery Drain.
• Dalvik Virtual Machine Enhanced Configs
• Phone.apk With :
- No-Increasing Ringtone
- Noise Reduction
• Power Saving Mode
• Split = View In ( Messaging App, Email )
• Background Theme In ( Messaging App, Email )
• Galaxy S II Premium Applications:
TW4 from T-Mobile SGS II
Social Hub ( Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln )
Samsung IM Live Chat ( Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Talk)
Email With Premium Accounts
Polaris Office
Gallery 3D With Huge Options + Widget
Photo Editor
Music Player
3D Fix
Ram Management Optimized
Better Performance With New Bin Files
Accurate Battery Mode
Applications Heavily Compressed To Provide More Space ( 264 MB !!)
Market + Maps Updated ( Latest Version )
Fonts Optimized
New Live Wallpaper (Galaxy Note)
Plus Aurura II Live Wallpaper (Galaxy Note)
SGS II Tw Wallpaper Chooser
New T-Mobile Galaxy S II Starting Wallpaper
Samsung News Powered By Ap Mobile
Voice Recognition Powered By Vlingo & Google + Widget
Samsung Weather Powered By Accu Weather
Clock Widget
Customize Homescreen Widget (New)
Buddies Now
News & Weather + Widget
• Galaxy S II System Applications :
Calendar + Widget
T-Mobile Galaxy S II Blue Email + Widget
- My Files
- Task Manager
- Days
- Clock Package
- Post It
- Mini Diary
- Digital Dual Clock
- Task
- Voice Translator
- Yahoo Finance
T-Mobile SGS II Swype, New T-Mobile SGS II Settings, Samsung Keyboard

Original T-Mobile Galaxy S II Wallpapers + Live Wallpapers
Original T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ui, Ringtone, Notifications, Alarm,
Original T-Mobile Galaxy S II Boot & Shutdown Animation + Sound

T-Mobile SGS II Apps : Not System Apps So There All Delete Able...
My Account
T-Mobile TV
Visual Voicemail
Accounts And Sync
T-Mobile Backup
Bonus Apps
If You Want Blio Or Zinio Book Readers Download From Market Other Then That Bonus Apps Will Tell You What Your Missing From T-Mobile SGS II So You Can Download...

Install Method :
Odin Lidroid 3.0.0 (For Bootloader Also Easiest Way To Flash Rom)
Go To Recovery Flash "T-Mobile Galaxy S II Hercules"
Wipe Caches
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Fix Permissions
Reboot Wait 15 Mins.
Update Superuser Using Market Other Then That Superuser Works...

Bugs *All Bugs Already On Original Rom So I Cant Do Much For These...
1. GPS ( Team Infinity Working On A Gps Fix + Kernel )
2. Com.Android.Phone FC On Every Boot ( Let It Go For One To Two Mins. Will Return Signal )
3. If You Dont Turn Off Audible Touch Tones In Sounds The Dialer Will FC
4. Notification Sound Is Soft And Vibration Dont Work
5. Video Player FC ( Download One From Market )
6. Still Some SGS II Settings FC ( If You Like Original Or Epic Settings Better, Its In Attached Files On This Page To Use With Root Explorer )

T-Mobile SGS II Settings Fc :
1. Wifi And Network
2. In Sound/Volume
3. In Display/ Screen Display Lockscreen Wallpaper
4. Display Gyroscope Sensor
5. In Motion Tilt And Panning
Thats About It But I Found Other Ways To Use Wifi And Apn And The Three On The Bottom Is Because We Dont Have Lockscreen Plus A Gyroscope Sensor...

How To Report Bugs Or Problems?
- Was It A Hard Reboot? Get Me The File "/proc/last_kmsg".
- Was It A Soft Reboot Or A "Boot Loop"? Run "adb logcat" And Get Me The Full Output.
- Phone Got Stuck At Bootscreen? Run "adb shell" And Then "Mount" And Get Me The Full Output.

Please Report Any Bugs You Find So Maybe We Can Fix The Problem...

Donate To These Devs :

Zohawkish For Hawkish Premium...
Original Vibrant Port : By kevho00

Dsexton702 For Adrenaline ShotvXIX

Serendipityguy For Help With Tweaks On Rom Itself

Team Infinity Members :
Administrators :

Mr. Apocalypse

Moderators :


Come Check The Team Out On The Team Infinity Forum :

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Update :
10.17.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v.II
Updated Build To Hawkish 4.1
Replaced Settings.apk
Added New TW4 Mods
Added T-Mobile Apks
Added Lidroid Kernel
Added KB5 Modem
Build.prop Tweaks
Made Extra Room Deleted Some Apks...

10.18.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v.II
Added Post It Apk
Added Adrenaline ShotvXIX
Added New Market
Fixed Root
Made Extra Room Deleted Some Apks...

10.19.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v. II RC1
Added Task
Added Clock
Added Ap Mobile Widget Without FC
Added Video Player ( FCs But If Anyone Knows How We Can Fix This Problem PM Me ) I Made It Easier For Devs When You Download It From Attached Files, So You Can Take A Look ( For Devs Only )
Took Out Adrenaline ShotvXIX
Made Extra Room Deleted Some Apks...

10.21.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v. II RC2
Massive Build.prop Tweaks From Vibrant Era
Return Of Some System Apps

10.27.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v. II RC2
New T-Mobile SGS II Settings + Power Control Widget

10.30.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v. III
Added Galaxy Note Wallpaper
Added Init.D Scripts

11.05.11 - T-Mobile Galaxy S II v. IV
Original T-Mobile SGS II Starting Wallpaper
T-Mobile SGS II Email
Updated Framework & Lib Files.
Enhanced Ram Tweaks.
Scripts Reedited.
Graphic Effects Optimized
3D Fix.
Market + Maps Updated (Latest Version)

11.11.11 - T-Moile Galaxy S II v. V
Ram Management Optimized
Better Performance With New Bin Files
Accurate Battery Mode
Applications Heavily Compressed To Provide More Space ( 264 MB !!)
*This Version Include More Than 35 Applications From SGS II:
- Days
- Clock Package
- Post It
- Mini Diary
- Digital Dual Clock
- Task
- Voice Translator
- Yahoo Finance
- Aurora Live Wallpaper (…Must Use A Stylus ?)
Will Leave SMEMO From Galaxy Note In Op Due To Being Large And Wont Hold Both Clock Package And SMemo Plus Being (Experimental)

I'm a HUSTLER, baby....HO!
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What's that SMEMO.apk about? I mean, how does it look like? You got any screenshots?
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