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UPDATE!!! : Updated to the Heinz_57 6/6/11 version, and used Nitro's latest update to his theme...enjoy!!!

UPDATE : Updated using the newer version of Heinz_57 ROM and uses edify scripting, so you can flash with CMW 3, Njoy!!!!!

First off, I am not responsible for for anything you do to your phone. If anything bad happens, you assume full responsibility for it!!!

All credit for the theme goes to Nitro, cause he made this theme and its efin awesome!!! All i did was port from the fascinate!!!
And dfgas for testing it to make sure i didnt screw up also like to credit hazmatic too
nitsuj17 caught that i hadnt credited and so thanks to nitsuj17 for catching that for me

OP :

=======Must be on dfgas's Heinz_57 ROM to use this theme!!!========

Pic Section :

Pic by bde...thank you sir!

My Pics :

Android Battery not included....its my personal thing!!!

This theme uses edify scripting!!!

UPDATE : Updated to nitro's latest version and added the Flip-n-Fly Window animations!!! Use the 5/7/11 Download Link Below!!!
also added new word bubbles to the mms.apk so they are different shades of blue

Instructions :
Download the theme
Disable Lagfix
Wipe Dalvik cache
flash in CWM
Wait for 72.89643 years for your phone to fully boot
Hit the Thanks button on this post
Enjoy the theme!!!

Old Download Link :

New Download Link 5/3/11 w/edify Scripting :

5/7/11 Update Link :

6/10/11 Update Link :

Known Issue : Android keyboard my fc on you...Working on fix
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