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Alright, well I got tired of running GB since I need my GPS. So I decided to port one of my favorite JVP themes, Legend-X.

This is my first time porting or themeing anything Android related so there is a few rough spots I will fix later. If you find any just let me know, I will try my best to fix them.

As always your warranty is already void and I am in no way responsible if your phone decides to eat your face on reboot, or cut your throat while you sleep.
Flash at your own risk, I have only tested with project-v.

This is based off the Legend-X theme for JVP by S39 Original Thread/Theme

There is a couple icons from trigger mixed in(re-colored).

I added my own themed crysis battery icon, themed the unlocks(still working on them). And there is a few of my own icons/buttons you can see on the unlocks, popups, pull downs etc. I did this mainly because the theme didn't format over exactly and some things where missing, that and I just used what I liked better.

This is only the frameworks that are themed for now. I plan on working more on this and trying to port over all the other extras that come with the original theme. I am also working on my own personal theme.

S39 for creating and letting me use his great theme.
Roman for answering my noob questions on twitter and the awesome ROM.
Annex for inspiring me to give themeing a chance.
EDT for bettering our devices with great ROMs.
Crysis for the original battery icons.

Screen Shots:

1. Download to your SD card
2. Reboot into CWM Recovery
3. Wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache Partition
4. Flash the zip through CWM recovery
5. Reboot
2 times
6. Rejoice



v1.0 (7/16/11)
-Fixed numerous issues including pulldown.
-Added Themed:
--TouchWiz 3.0 might do 4.0 with enough requests.

If you got any questions or anything feel free to ask here or you can find me on twitter @kwes1020

Please do not re-post to any other forums. Thank you. Hopefully more themes to come if time will allow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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