Are you one of the users that bought LG's latest and greatest device on Verizon, the G2? Have you noticed that Big Red is once again the last of the big carriers to officially update their G2 to Android 4.4.2? Well a few members of the XDA community have come to fix that.

Thanks to members xdabbeb (for providing the update process) and autoprime (for providing the root process), you can now flash an unofficial build of Kit Kat on your G2. This build looks to be one of the final builds that shall be released from Verizon, but we don't know for sure. This build can (and most often may) contain bugs, but remember you're not waiting for Verizon so you are no doubt aware of the risks.

The process to make this happen may scare some of you, especially if you have trouble with ADB and command prompts, but I assure you it does work. The simple version of the process is as follows:

-Go back to stock 4.2.2

-Root without recovery

-Push the update file to your device

-Force your phone to read the update file


Yet, in that process are several ADB commands that must be entered.

If you can get past that part then you'll be looking at a newly upgraded device running Android 4.4.2 and all the changes that provides. Plus you'll have a much snappier and responsive G2 and a few changes and enhancement to LG's UI and features. Of course there may also be some bugs running around.


The instructions are all over on XDA so follow the source link from below but remember, neither Rootzwiki nor the guys over at XDA are responsible for what happens to your phone. Even though this isn't ideal, are you glad to finally have unofficial stock Kit Kat for your device?

Source: XDA