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OK, so i am getting sick of not having a notification bubble (i use sms unread widget to give me bubble counts for gmail and messaging)
i hide my notification bar on my home screen so there are times i miss e-mails which i should be responding to quickly.

the latest update to Gmail (ver. 2.3.5) breaks this bubble notification. wondering if anyone has the previous version of the app that they can pull off and post for me. would be a great help to me.

Edit: MODS can delete...i found one.
Just an FYI, i had to delete the current gmail and sms unread widget, push older gmail version to system/app and change permissions, reboot, install sms unread widget again,and everything is working again. i would attach the gmail.apk here but it is over the size limit. but i just pulled it from an older ROM i had on my PC.
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