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<3 my globalist tracking devices
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Yeah I had that problem months ago. After talking to the guys on freenode (think even asked dfgas and jt), imnuts (I think, if I'm wrong who it was that told me this feel free to chime in) informed me that it would be most difficult to fix this problem

He showed me the section of code from jt's github that controls the partition table ... Looks very complicated to me and would definitely be work since /datadata WASN'T THERE!

Its too bad that over 85% of my internal was free but I was experiencing fc's. It seems like /data is far too large and should have some space given for /datadata.

Wish it was better eventual fix was removing tons of apps you I got rid of every app I didn't use and came up short so I had to delete useful spoofs to make do.

If you find a fix please do let us know though
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