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I'd try using other USB port or cable. Do you happen to have a second computer you could test with to rule out your computer?

Honestly, it sounds like this should work...

My point with Java was that I've seen numerous times where 5-7 versions of Java are installed after various updates since the installer doesn't remove old versions when it installs new ones... (probably that way on my wife's computer as I type).

perhaps you should test IO on your usb device (put it in USB mode, and copy some music or something else over to your touchpad...) make sure your usb's functioning right. I don't know you could get help from HP on using that tool... but if you can identify something else that's acting strangely, then you can get them to help you warranty wise... though their first step will likely be to have you flatten it using the webos doctor...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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