Google Play Music has evolved greatly over the past few months, from added Songza support just recently to improving the radio and smart playlist selections in general. For many of us Google Play Music is our preferred or only choice in music applications. Just recently Google relived the '90s to add a feature that may make listening to your favorite playlist all that much better.

They added a visualizer to the Chrome desktop version of the app, so that instead of looking at the album art moving back and forth you have two flowing balls of art to watch or keep in the background. Google calls the balls 'particle animation', but it looks like ink flowing in space or water. They change color and flow freely in a 3D field, while trying their best to react to the music in real-time.

In order for you to get the visualizer to show up, you have to got through a few steps in Chrome - fortunately it isn't anything too crazy:

  1. Enable HTML5 Audio in 'Labs' in Google Play Music for Chrome

  2. Play a song (This is highly important ;) )

  3. Hover over the album art in the lower left hand corner and click on the Particles popup

  4. Enjoy!

That's all there is too it.

How do you like this small addition to Google Play Music? Personally I wish they would enable this with Chromecast support and maybe add more types of visualizer animations but for this first one, I digress.

Source: OMG!Chrome!