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Thanks goes to the2dcour from XDA for this unlock method (i take no credit for this, im just passing it onfor those dont know)

the2dcour said:

1. All phones You most likely will lose 4g data connectivity from using this, hopefully a workaround is on the horizon.
2. All phones This has received limited testing, use at your own risk and accept that there may be a risk of hard bricks now or in the future (Unless you get your SBK.)
3. All phones Charge your phone, all the way please.
4. Use at your own risk. Have a backup phone, insurance plan or other means of recovering from a possible brick or loss of functionality. You are using experimental software at your own risk.

You want pudding for Photon? There is pudding in space too!

Pudding: 1mb bootloader only 1mb bootloader only mirror 464mb full sbf with unlock


Use this to unlock after flashing pudding sbf (not available), also to flash custom partitions.
Windows: Moto-fastboot for windows thanks to romracer. Direct Download Link
Linux/Mac: Moto-fastboot for linux in several flavors thanks to eval-.


You may need to reinstall drivers after the unlock.
64bit windows drivers

Pudding remover:

1) Make sure you are on the stock Recovery. If not, flash the image I provided below using this command:
fastboot flash recovery stock_recovery.smg
2) Flash the nopudding4u sbf using RSDLite or sbf_flash.
3) Done - 3.6mb stock recovery image from CM5 - 1mb bootloader only, stock locked bootloader. For those of you who want a quick way to return to 4G.


Is your phone fully charged? This should be first thing you check whenever you flash anything.

0) Back up all your apps and anything else you want to keep that is stored in /data, YOU WILL LOSE ALL FILES IN /DATA
1) Flash the pudding sbf file via sbf_flash(*nix/Mac) or RSDLITE(Windows).
2) Get moto-fastboot in your $PATH or at least in the same directory as the command line you open.
3) Open a command line or well, linux users know what to do, in the folder with pudding.
4) Type moto-fastboot oem unlock
5) Look for the UNIQUE ID number and copy it, use copy or your fat fingers might mistype it.
6) Type moto-fastboot oem unlock YOUR_UNIQUE_ID_THAT_YOU_JUST_COPIED
7) Enjoy!
Here is a picture of the steps on a windows command line (yes, I renamed moto-fastboot to just fastboot on my PC.) The blurry bits are where YOUR unique ID shows/is entered.


A moto-fastboot flashable /system image with su already in /system/bin (pre-reooted) This is based of the system in Yay4jugg's thread (NB: you need to be unlocked to flash this ;).)
0) Make sure your phone is charged. ;)
1) Boot your phone in to fastboot mode, connected to PC.
2) At the prompt/cmdline type moto-fastboot flash system system.img
3) Make sure you have superuser app installed from market.
4) Enjoy!


Romracer's official CWM thread for Photon
Calkculin's CWM thread


None yet.


1) Don't panic.
2) Stop panicing.
3). If you get the following error messages, try restarting the flash process from the start:
- The "secure_motorola_flash" interface could not be found the super-file is secure and for re-flash, the phone needs a super-file that is not secure and for reflash. (0x7066)
4) Try a different USB port, this is most likely because windows will reinstall all the drivers.
5) Try a different version of RSD Lite.
6) Make sure you put your phone in to USB NONE before plugging it back in. If you do not do this your system will not install all the devices correctly. Alternately, try Motorola Phone Portal mode.
7) Last resort PM me with very specific information about your problem and if applicable screen shots from your computer or phone.

Big thanks to Yay4juggs and Edgan.

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Edwardsc005 said:
I'm not really concerned with 4G...but is it possible to fix wifi after the unlock? Or did i miss something and should my wifi be working?
Yeah, Just reflash the unlock pudding.sbf using RSD, reboot and Wifi should work. Go here: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1216143 and download the Photon_Pudding.rar that is for the bootloader only, it's 1mb. If you already have it just flash it again. ;-)

EDIT: If that doesn't work, it is because of the OTA update which is why it doesn't work. do this and it should again:
1. put phone into airplane mode and restart

2. connect to wifi network and download a freezing app - bloat freezer from the market, it's free.

3. Open Bloat Freezer and freeze "SprintOmaDm" (while connected to wifi with airplane mode still on)

4. turn off airplane mode, done.
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