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teh Jax
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D3fault121 said:
Thanks for the info guys. And I know what you mean about government computers. It's pretty sad that even the 3G speed on my Tbolt is faster than looking stuff up on our crappy computers here.
I tunneled out because they blocked sites like StackOverflow, MSDN, and others that are kinda important as a .NET developer. I essentially couldn't get my job done (and it was BS that I was on-site anyways - I did not sign up for that and damn near left the contract because of it).

Stetsonaw said:
I only wish i could have my phone with me, but they're not allowed in my building :(
Ewww! That really sucks! I'd say that it's about time to get a new job anyways!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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