Most of us are well aware of the evolution of the RSS feed. We all made Feedburner feeds and subscribed to dozens of blogs via services like Google Reader. RSS isn't something on everyone's mind these days, but Pushbullet is offering up an interesting twist to how we can receive certain feeds.


Pushbullet calls their new service Channels. The premise is for content creators to be able to push specific information or an entire feed to go directly to a subscribed user via Pushbullet. A solution for getting vital information directly to a user had been tricky. Per their blog,

When something I care about happens, I should get alerted to it right away. I should get this alert no matter what device I'm using and I should only see it once no matter how many devices I have.

What I've just described hasn't previously been possible-the closest we've got is email, and email simply isn't good for this.

Channels have come out of this desire. Pushbullet already synchronizes notifications across devices and makes sharing links and more incredibly simple. We have everything that's needed to make this work exactly like it should.
Setting up a channel was incredibly easy and anyone can do it. In fact we now have our own Pushbullet channel for anyone who wants to get feed updates pushed to their devices the minute they're published. We may even expand and add a couple extra channels as well for reviews, etc. Many other blogs have already done the same and are featured on the Pushbullet site.


If you want to subscribe to any feed, just hit the subscribe button and you're all set. I wish it was more complicated than that, but once subscribed, the content provider will be able to push information to you at their whim. If that is not your speed, I would not recommend signing up for a lot of these channels.

Check out our new channel and let us know what you think about this new Pushbullet feature. Has RSS finally matured or has this become an incredibly efficient way to get spammed?

Pushbullet is available for Free in the Google Play Store.​

From: Pushbullet Blog