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[Q] Need Some Help Here

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Hey there. My problem is essentially this, I removed a folder from my Touchpad which caused it to boot loop (kernal panic). I've been trying to run the Web Os Doctor (Windows 7), however it keeps getting stuck on 12%. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance guys
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Hey Matt, hopefully I can help. Try to do it this way:
Open WebOS Doctor and click NEXT until you see "Connect your device directly to your computer with your USB cable."
Turn the Touchpad off (You need to fully shut down by holding the power button until the shut down option comes up. Select "Shut Down" then proceed with the following).
Hold down the Up Volume key while you connect the Touchpad to your PC
Continue holding the Up Volume key until you see a USB icon, then release it, Then go back to WebOS doctor and hit next
Let it do it's thing
Your device will now restart. Follow the instructions on your device to set your language and sign in to your HP profile.
Seems to be stuck on 12% again, after I followed those tips, although I have ran it in cmd now. INFO: Trenchcoat: <INFO/ Running "resizefat /dev/mapper/store-media 13572767744B. Thats what it seems to be stuck on.
I found this link which is supposed to have better drivers which fixed the problem for someone else. Hope it helps.

Original Link
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