Not to be outdone by device makers Sony and Samsung this week, chip maker Qualcomm jumped into the quickly crowding smart watch arena. Their initial offering is called the Toq SmartWatch. But don't put the San Diego company on your device manufacturer radar just yet.

Qualcomm has created this device which will be sold for retail around $300 to demonstrate their display swagger to other more established device makers. The Toq will come out of the box ready to sync with Android devices only via Bluetooth. A spokesman did hint that iOS compatibility will come later. It will sell in black or white this October and come equipped with a pair of wireless headphones.

The Toq will feature a Mirasol display. This technology allows the display to stay on at all times and still hold a charge for several days. Qualcomm will only demonstrate this device to only a few thousand customers. They are only releasing between ten and fifty thousand units. Their hope will be to forge partnerships with the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG, or other companies in the future that wish to compete in the smart watch space using Mirasol.

Initial response has been interesting for this device. It seems to have received a warmer reception with the higher end gadget crowd, but it's design has received a cooler reception among more style minded people. The device does appear to be clunky compared to the Sony and Samsung SmartWatches. While someone with a military background may find it a sleek addition in their mobile arsenal, some may equate it more to a medic alert bracelet.

Here is the spec sheet for the Toq:
  • SoC 200MHz ARM Cortex M3 based (Not Snapdragon)
  • Display 288x192 1.55-inch diagonal Mirasol color display
  • Wrist bands adjustable to fit wrist sizes between 6 inches and 8.7 inches
  • Total watch face size 43.3mm high 47.6mm wide and 9.96mm thick
  • 0.2 lbs
  • Toq Runs ThreadX, Android 4.0.3 or higher required
  • Bluetooth
Are you going to be getting one this October? Are you already smart watch weary from the flood of announcements this week? Sound off in our comments. Discussion has been great this week about this brave new market.

h/t Anandtech for the specs