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QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is a useful tool that helps QuickBooks desktop users to fix an assortment of issues related to multiple network and company file corruptions. This robust tool finds and fixes connection errors between QuickBooks, company files and the database manager. There are multiple other uses of this diagnostic tool as well such as many common networking and multi-user errors that include H series errors, 6000 series errors and others that show up while opening a company file. Benefits of using QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool
QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool rolls in with some great features and benefits. Let us explore the advantages of using this connection diagnostic tool.

This tool helps in diagnosing different QuickBooks errors that are seen at the time of installation of QuickBooks software.
It also helps in resolving countless errors faced by the users.
It saves a lot of time and efforts of the users, as it eases the process of resolving the errors.
Also, it helps you to resolve unexpected errors and multi-user errors in QuickBooks desktop.
It also fixes issues where employees make certain entries that do not get updated on QuickBooks.
Points to remember
If you are using QuickBooks desktop 2016, you may receive reminders and prompts to use QuickBooks File Doctor. There, we recommend you to use the version of QuickBooks as mentioned in this article. The version mentioned herein is the latest and most updated as well as has the maximum probability of fixing the issue.
File Doctor works solely for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. Wherein, QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool works for QuickBooks for Mac with the same ease.
QBCDT offers appropriate connections between QuickBooks database server manager and the Company File for both H series errors (H202 and H505) and 6000 errors (6000 83, 6000 77, 6000 80, 6000 304).
It is recommended for you to use QuickBooks 2008 or a later version on MS Windows 7, Vista or XP for the connection diagnostic tool to work properly.
The tool can be downloaded from Intuit’s official website to fix error texts that show up while installing QB Desktop. These error texts may be related to office tools and thus termed as NetDiagTool.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe, and others. The most popular version of the software, however it is 4.0. Many major antivirus software have scanned it and pronounced it free from viruses.
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