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R3L3AS3DRoot and 43V3R Root for the BIONIC
Works on any system software version (.886 and .893)

Now for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
Presented to you by dhacker29, DroidTh3ory, Crpeck and TH3ORYROM

I have totally rewritten the windows version and Crpeck has rewritten the Linux/Mac OS X version

The downloads include all of the files necessary to either root or restore and root your bricked BIONIC no matter what system version you are on (.886 or .893

I have zipped up the fastboot binary, boot.img, system.img, ROOT tools and a custom script so that all you have to do is download the zip. Extract it the folder and double click on Root.bat (windows) or (Linux/MacOS X) file to be given the option to root your BIONIC or recover and restore from a bootloop or softbrick on your BIONIC.

The Windows version now includes the ADB exe and DLL file so you don't have to worry about not having ADB setup.

The Linux and Mac OS X version has been updated by Crpeck, so that it is now menu driven and has a clicky icon for Mac OS X users. It includes the adb and fastboot binaries for both OS's and will auto determine which platform you are running.

Download the zip:
MotoRooter for Linux and Mac OS X:

Extract the zip folder on your computer.

Double click the file R3L3AS3DRoot.bat for windows, for Linux, or Mac-MotoRooter for Mac OS X in the folder where you extracted the zip.

Follow the prompts on the screen and you'll be given the option to restore to factory stock, restore to factory stock and reroot with forever foot, or forever root your phone.

Each section gives you instructions on what mode to put your phone in so follow them carefully!

Enjoy the scripts!! And show Crpeck some love for helping with the Mac OS X stuff and making my linux version even better.

If you encounter an error message please post what the error was and which operating system you were running it on so we can help you better.

A special thanks to BriefMobile for the files and information to make this possible.

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1 - 20 of 735 Posts
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