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"loonatik78 said:
Android uses a method of "garbage collection" RAM management. What that means is that the OS leaves things to linger until preset limits defined within the kernel trigger to "collect the garbage". AOSP ROMs are small in general, so small you can load the entire ROM and, often times, every app installed right into RAM and still have a healthy surplus. Not so with Sense ROMs which can be 4 or 5 times the size. Furthermore, the settings defined within the kernel will ultimately govern the free RAM levels. You can alter these with a simple script. Also, RAMdisk settings play a large roll in this too, and tend to be specific to a kernel developer's tastes or the requirements of his kernel. Generally speaking, running with a minimum of RAM free is a GOOD thing. This isn't Windows. The worst thing you can do on your device is run with too much RAM free. What this results in is excessive reads from NAND. Nothing your CPU does requires more power than performing NAND operations so these should be kept to the absolute minimum. That's done by keeping RAM as full as possible with apps that are often used or likely to be used. Applications are relatively small on an Android device. It's not like you're going to be loading Photoshop into RAM and doing in-depth editing. Generally, a RAM surplus of 140MB is more than you're ever going to use for any task in particular, but not obscenely more. 400MB is simply uncalled for under ANY circumstance you could ever imagine. If you've got that kind of RAM free, and the OS insists on maintaining that level, you're ROM is destroying your battery life by requiring more NAND operations than are needed.

That's why PapaSmurf6768 is right in saying less RAM is better. I think we all KNOW the term "free" is assumed in these statements.
I can't thanks from the mobile app. So, thank you for this post.

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