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This is my first apk. It is a library of some my boot animations baked into live wallpapers.
Market link

This is my live wallpapers playlist on YouTube
And this is my boot animations playlist on YouTube

This app lets you download and install a small apk to browse my live wallpapers library.
I like this stuff so i keep updating the library adding more lwps.
To check for new lwps, hit menu and refresh library: this will update the list

Below some videos:
Androidian Physics

Dancing Android

Carbon Series

1up CM7 Gigglebread

Tesseract (available in many colors)

Android Logo (available in many colors)

TUX surfing the CM7 wave (available in many colors)


Bubbles and particles ring

Android is on Fire

Drizzle (available in many colors)

Jumping Totoro

- Updates?! Press menu and then 'Update Library'
- Set fps
- Set low res pics to save memory
- Enable/disable Touch to drag the live wallpaper
- Enable/Disable Multi-touch to zoom the live wallpaper to the wanted size
- Online library with a lot more wallpapers to come

App uses in-app purchase to unlock some of the lwps.
- Androidian Physics: free (small trademark) and paid version
- Drizzle: cyan version free, others colors paid
- Dancing Android: free
- Tux surfing the CM7 wave: 5 colors free
- Android and Bubbles: paid
- Android is on fire: paid
- Gigglebread: free
- Tesseract: cyan version free, five different color paid
- Tesseract with Android logo: cyan version free, five different color paid
- Android logo: cyan version free, five different color paid
- Jumping Totoro: free

In-app purchase is only a way to support the developer.

Market link

Please report bugs.

Follow rascarlo on twitter for new lwps
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