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Special thanks goes out to everyone who tested for us.
Also, make sure to thank @drhonk, without him, I probably would have given up a while ago.
Additional thanks to robbbbit for testing the final version, and to luckyduck69 who sent me his device to get this project going.

Here is CWM Final for the SGS4G.

You will still need to modify your stock recovery binary to be able to use CWM.
Kernel Devs can also compile CWM into their kernel by extracting the and building it into their initramfs.

To modify recovery:
download this file
and use root explorer, android commander or adb push the file to /system/bin
DO NOT delete the current one there, or rename any files.
Just overwrite it.

CWM Final
Place in the root of your SD. If you have a there already, delete it, and replace it with this one.
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