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Special thanks goes out to everyone who tested for me.

I do not have the device, so I rely heavily on testers to report any bugs.

Here is CWM for the SK4G.

You will need to modify your stock recovery binary to be able to use CWM.
Kernel Devs can also compile CWM into their kernel by extracting the and building it into their initramfs.

To replace your stock recovery binary with the modified binary:
download this file
Exatract and take the recovery binary file inside of it and use root explorer or adb push the file to /system/bin.
DO NOT delete the current one there, or rename any files.
Just overwrite it.
I would however, recommend getting Android Commander from It's a lot easier, and a lot more useful.

CWM Final
Place in the root of your SD.

You can now use Quick Boot from the market, or adb reboot recovery to boot into CWM

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you should try to build this into the kernel itself, that way its more compatible all around.

but NICE work

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I can build this into a stock kernel if my cyan tree ever finishes syncing, should be done by tonight at the latest (I hope).
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