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I am posting this here since I'm seriously over the people that hang out on xda. I am moving!

This is based on the latest CM7 source which I modified for myself. I take no credit for the recovery whatsoever, but I will take all the blame for my mods ;). We all know this is Koush's hard work. Just some things were driving me crazy personally. First was the confirmation menu. I really got sick of scrolling through all those "No"s just to flash something, so i changed it for me personally and just thought I would share. I also created a proper wipe menu. I got sick of some wipes in the main menu and the rest in the "advanced" menu. I made this more Amon_RA like. See the attached screenshot for my changes. That change has led to a few others by me. flash with fastboot or flash_image. THESE ARE NOT IN ROM MANAGER. Also if you have an issue with this take it up with me NOT Koush.



NS4G Versions



Option for no confirmation at all. Just flash in recovery.

All source is on Github. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. If you make any changes that will work on all devices, send me a pull request!

Change log:
- capacitive back button now works properly

- updated to source

- reverted back to stock 2.3 recovery kernel

- update source
- removed "apply update from sdcard" (/sdcard/
- recovery killed by pkill now instead of ps & grep (BlaY0)
- versions for i9020 & i9023

- new wipe menu. see screenshots below

-put the "no" above the yes in confirm menu
-fixed recovery.fstab so format radio, bootloader & misc no longer show

-reverted recovery.fstab due to Cyanogen's proper code fix for the mount menu for all phones
-updated to source

-started fresh with sources
-added color versions

-removed the home button from toggling menu and added back the function for the capacitive buttons to navigate through menus also
-updated to sources

-updated to source

-fixed battery stats confirmation of completion
-updated to source

-updated to sources
-removed orange. just going to stick with cyan and green.


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I wish I never have to delve through xda threads again.. Bad taste mouth..

I'm sure a lot of people don't like those no's but i see the logic in having them.. I want to ask a question really.. About ext4 compatibility. I find cwm recovery usually alters my ext4 on my nexus one. Is this now definitely solved on this recent version.

Thanks in advance.

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edit: i see now this is nexus s forum.. Oops. In any event maybe you can shed some light.

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49 Posts beginner....bahahaha!
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