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[Recovery] RZR SPR-based *update.zips-battery charging-more*

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RZR 2.0.3 Released!
-=Overclocked to 1.1ghz, LV kernel w/ custom overclock settings=-
-=Arbitrary selection (with folders) (don't have to rename files to
-=rom.tgz support (of course)=-
-=Unsigned support=-
-=ability to wipe system, data, boot, dalvik-cache-
-=No automatic backup when installing a rom.tgz=-
-=Pretty colors =-
-=Arbitrary kernel/recovery image install=- from folder support (/sdcard/updates)=-
-=Wipe battery statistics=-
-=Battery charging!=-
-=clockwork nandroid restore=-
-=Ability to root any ROM=-
-=11 predefined colors + RGB color selection=-
-=Hold space while selecting to auto backup=-
-=preinstall menu=-
-=battery status (charging status, temperature and charge level) display=-
-=Flashlight (just for fun)=-
-=android_secure nandroid / wipe support=-
-=keyboard backlight option=-

So as you probably know, I love SPR for its rom.tgz support. I decided to dive into it and start modding it, so I got the source from DroidMod.

The first thing I did was install my custom overclock kernel to get SPR running at 1.1ghz, which greatly sped up my ROM install routine. Next, I changed the colors to blue instead of orange. Then I got rid of the automatic backup function when installing a rom.tgz. (For my ROM this makes sense since one of the features is on the fly themeing from recovery - metamorph style). After that I made it accept arbitrary's by giving the user a selection of update.zips on the sdcard to install. I verified that it would accept unsigned update.zips. After these changes I added some functions to install arbitrary kernel and recovery images from recovery, in img format. I believe a kernel and ramdisk should be united, as mine are made for each other. If you install an anykernel package it will extract yiour current ramdisk and put it with a new kernel. I don't like this, so I changed it (NOTE: you can still install anykernel updater kernel packages if you wish). I did the same thing for recovery images. Finally, as you might expect, I spend a as LOT of time in recovery. This is the big one, with help from trevorj of DroidMod, I enabled battery charging while in recovery. He sent me a version of SPRecovery that he had reworked to include battery charging. The only problem was it required all kinds of alien technology to run. I had to install a squashfs image on my sdcard that this version of SPR used and contained all the extra functionality that I did not need or want (wifi, ubifs, squashfs, kernel modules like crazy). I isolated what charged the battery and stuck it in my recovery image, which is just a single img file or SBF for ease of use. Without trevorj, none of the charging stuff would be possible.



Update 2.0.3
Instead of formatting partitions during RZR restore, simply erase their contents. This fixes the nasty wipe all bug (hopefully this time, it really is foolproof)
It is now impossible to wipe out color/overclock settings when wiping anything
rework color/oc preservation routines
dalvik-cache now includes /cache/dalvik-cache for gingerbread'ers
Added "this might take a while on gingerbread" message to cache-wipe.
fixed % sign showing up on line underneath battery capacity when capacity was under 100%
automatically remove stock recovery patch upon reboot to android
clockwork nandroid restores now don't disturb color setting or overclock level
Added some RZRecovery messaeges to nandroid.
Add extras option to toggle keypad light, to save battery.

Update 2.0.2
makes sure partitions are formatted before restoring them
remove nandroid directory from file menus
add cache to wipe menu

Update 2.0.1
Add battery temp to battery stats & beautify it
Add current max clockspeed display to overclock menu
FINALLY sort the file menus, dirs up top, files on bottom, both sorted alphabetically
fixed bug where a random character would show up randomly after certain dir names

Updated 2.0
unified file browser, noob-friendly installs
scrolling menus if a list contains more items than fit on the screen
cleaned up wipe code
preinstall menu (abort install, backup before install, wipe /data, install)
moved color files to /sdcard/RZR
changed main input to camera button
added wipe .android_secure to wipe menu
added backup/restore .android_secure to nandroid menu
removed misc, cache, recovery from nandroid/mount menu
added custom overclock menu, choose from 800,900,1000,1100 max speed.. persists across reboots
changed flashlight on/off to be done in code
made sure to unmount after mounts
remove simple nandroid menus
certain functions return to main menu

Updated 02/04/11
added ability to root any ROM & disable flash recovery service
added RGB entry for custom colors
store colors file in /data, move to /cache for recovery operations (obsololetes the need to keep /data mounted, which I have a feeling would have started causing problems somewhere down the road)
added flashlight
added battery stats (charging status and charge level) display
fixed installs from folders
fixed clockwork nandroid restore root permissions
changed a bunch of strings

Updated 01/24/11:
added ability to wipe dalvik-cache

added ability to restore clockwork backups

action shots:
My droid charging:

My droid in the dark with the glowing keyboard:


(May be flashed from SPR/RZR/CWM)

3bc73f8c4d8d0d6d9f9dca28304b4fa9 *RZR-2.0.3-recovery_only.sbf
c2916ac9c6ca72bcda6962fb370714fb *
a6f97aedf7c0d13cfe7fb20f6c3e9355 *RZR-2.0.3.img

No terminal action is necessary, Simply flash the like anything else. RSD lite is required you have a bone stock droid, in which case you must SBF.

Help me get better web hosting!

I do this for fun, make no guarantees and accept no responsibility for anything you do with my files.

Source Code:

Again, I have to say this could NOT have happened without trevorj of DroidMod. The whole charging concept and execution was his idea. These are my files from my ROM but I would have no idea which ones I needed to get if it weren't for Trevor already doing this in March 2010. The script that launches and monitors the battery daemon was originally written by him, modified by me to fit into my recovery image.

Big thanks to:
Tim-o-tato, pandroid, moset, yankindasouth, tanknspank, thizzmark, sgtguthrie, segdoh49, tp76, liquid0624, girluvsdroid for testing and encouragement. cvpcs also gave me some ideas, which will be impletemented in his own way when RCR is released. For now, enjoy RZR!

Don't enjoy it?
I provide a clockwork version SBF to easily go back to CWM.

There is also an SPR SBF made by MotoCache1:

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Hello! So, you hauled your thread over here, eh?

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by far my favorite recovery! zero problems with it.
So i have a few question. im currently running this recovery and i have to say i love it more then CWR. but i was wondering. what is the recovery overclock used for? i know it may sound noobish but i set the clock speed to 1ghz and just want to know what i set.
Wolf said:
So i have a few question. im currently running this recovery and i have to say i love it more then CWR. but i was wondering. what is the recovery overclock used for? i know it may sound noobish but i set the clock speed to 1ghz and just want to know what i set.
Makes backups and restoring faster.

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ChetRipley said:
Makes backups and restoring faster.

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Nice i was wondering why everything installed and backed up faster >..<
link was down when i clicked
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