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SAFESTRAP v3.73 (2nd-System Bootstrap / Recovery)

** INSERT STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your phone using my tools. Always have a fastboot available for disaster recovery. **

Download the APK Installer:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: Crackflasher
[ DOUBLE-CHECK you have the "Maserati" version ]


  • Key/button vibration in recovery and MANY more updates
  • Screen saving in recovery. Can set the timeout under Advanced->Settings->Screen *Don't freak out of the screen is dark, try the power button.*
  • SElinux support in recovery
  • and much much more.. check the TWRP changelog here:


  • [05/15] (3.73) Bugfix for dual SD card UMS mounting and pull in TWRP changes
  • [04/14] (3.72) Mostly other device updates
  • [01/15] (3.71) Code cleanup
  • [01/15] (3.71) Minor hijack updates
  • [12/18] (3.70) Mount cleanup during hijack / debugging output
  • [12/18] (3.70) Splashscreen: Instant stock boot key (needs to be set for Moto OMAP4's still)
  • [11/13] (3.65) recovery init.rc cleanup
  • [11/13] (3.65) fix updater build for cm 10.1 and 10.2
  • [09/20] (3.60) Better handling for virtual images > 2gb
  • [09/20] (3.60) Much improved block device handling
  • [09/20] (3.60) Bugfix in script translation
  • [09/20] (3.60) hijack / init.rc tweaks
  • [09/06] (3.53) Fixed mass_storage in recovery (via Mount menu)
  • [09/06] (3.53) Added Webtop to partition backup list (optional)
  • [09/06] (3.53) New virtual systems created will be 640mb (got reset 600mb)
  • [09/06] (3.53) Fixed file selector when changing from internal to external storage (previously location wouldn't update)
  • [09/05] (3.52) added "Reboot to Recovery" in APK
  • [09/04] (3.51) Disabled screen blank while creating a rom-slot
  • [09/04] (3.51) Fixed openrecovery script processing for stock slot to re-inject hijack after .zip install (cmupdater on stock now works)
  • [08/30] (3.50) If running a new CM10.1/CM10.2 ROM (08/30 or later) you *should* be able to install Safestrap and update the recovery w/o having to go back to stock. If Safestrap shows "recovery not installed" while you're on a ROM-slot, then that ROM hasn't been updated and it won't work. Swap back to stock ROM and update Safestrap from there.
  • [08/30] (3.50) Worked on stock ROM flashing and *should* work with CM10.1/CM10.2 builds on or after 08/30 *WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER ROMs.*
  • [08/30] (3.50) Battery meter is back
  • [08/30] (3.50) Updated TWRP theme
  • [08/30] (3.50) Added partition sizes to ROM-slot screen when it's ACTIVE
  • [08/30] (3.50) Added "Check FS" function to ROM-slot screen when it's ACTIVE
  • [08/30] (3.50) Complete re-write against TWRP 2.6 base (up from version TWRP changelog for reference
  • [12/29] (3.11) Allow use of custom updater-binary in .zip files for flashing on stock ROM (virtual slots still use prebuilt updater-binary in recovery).
  • [12/29] (3.11) BUGFIX: Fixed fake flash error at the end of a .zip install. (No real error, .zip installs fine)
  • [12/29] (3.10) Early support for booting custom ROMs on stock partitions.
  • [12/29] (3.10) Enable flashing to stock ROM *BE CAREFUL -- NEW FEATURE -- STILL TESTING*
    • After .zip installations, nandroid restore or system wipe on the stock ROM: the current Safestrap files are restored to the system partition (Doesn't include the APK in /data -- so if you're restoring an old backup, be sure to update the Safestrap APK)
    • During the Safestrap files restore a check is done to be sure there are minimal files on /system to re-enter Safestrap
  • [12/29] (3.10) New virtual system partitions will be 640mb (closer match to stock RAZR/D4)
  • [12/27] (3.07) Bugfix: missed some changes in Safestrap 3.06
  • [12/26] (3.06) Bugfix/Update for JB4.1 OTA for DroidRAZR (Non-JB devices can also use)
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed SD card / emmc sharing in recovery (UMS)
  • [10/17] (3.05) Fixed recovery installation/removal from ROM-slots
  • [10/14] Updated to v3.04 BETA.
  • [10/14] Recovery is now based off TWRP (fully featured touch-based recovery)
  • [10/14] Can create up to 4 Virtual ROM-slots to flash ROMs to and when "Active" ALL TWRP functions affect that ROM-slot (For example: Flashing .zips, Backup and Restore)
  • [10/14] Nearly instant swapping from ROM to ROM
  • [10/14] User selectable data partition sizes during ROM slot creation: 1GB, 2GB or 3GB
  • [10/14] ROM slots are saved on the internal emmc space so that preinstall and webtop partitions are no longer used and shouldn't break OTAs.
  • [10/14] Charging in recovery
  • [10/14] Supports "Reboot Recovery" from Android OS

Entry to recovery via Splashscreen on boot-up. The screen stays up for around 8-10 seconds and if you hit the menu button, it takes you to Safestrap Recovery.


  • The entire TWRP team who has built an AMAZING recovery system.
  • The testers which have helped in past and present versions of Safestrap, knowing that it could mean they brick their devices.

As always, let me know what you think!

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Links are dead. Anybody have a mirror for the download and instructions?

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