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Mod Type:: Theme

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Other (See Description)

Requires Root:: Yes

Here is the source -

I modded it red holo for the red lovers out there. Pics below..

Sorry they are blurry =(

Put the in your TWRP theme folder. If there isnt a folder. make a theme folder all lower case and put the zip in it. Reboot. IF it doesnt load go to advanced in TWRP and reload theme.

I take no credit other than making the images, fonts and colors red. =]

Post up any issues changes or ideas =D

Updated for and encryption bug fixed...

new version link


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I thought they didn't want the curtain themed? I would hate to see any drama, since I'm rocking your theme as we speak! I just hate to see any problems, I love the theme man, thanks!

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It's GPLv2 so you're free to modify it however you wish.
Yep, technically anything added to code licensed as GPLv2 also shares that same license, even assets such as images. The only way it wouldn't is if the owners of the project had an exception clause of some sort for such things as the owners also have the copyrights to the project and can license how they see fit. You can mod all you like as long as you also release your changes if you distribute (share) it with others.

It's also a very annoying part of GPLv2...if you find a stock image/icon licensed under it (for god knows why, but they exist) and you add it to your application, then the entire application has to also be licensed as GPLv2. Not complaining about the license usage here, just explaining what I encountered in the past when I needed some stock images for a mockup I was working on.
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