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I didn't make this or am I trying to take credit for it, works fine on my thunderbolt so far.use at your own risk

Use the inc2 version

Originally posted by XsMagical sol thanks to him and everyone else he listed

Download For HTC Incredible 2

Incredible Sensation RLS 1.3

Download for HTC EVO 4G



lowrider32119 and JDOT87 put allot of
hard work into this theme so give them thanks for it. All i did was port it over to the EVO 4G & Incredible 2
Original theme can be found here ▄ █ ▄ RED VENOM v2.0 ▄ █ ▄ Be sure to thank the developers of this theme for all the hard work they put into this.

*Make sure your using the default skin before flashing.
*Wipe cache
*Wipe Dalvik
*Flash zip
*Reboot to the redness

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