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[RELEASE] [05-09-12] Gummy 1.2.0 - The Chronicles of Nyania

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[background=transparent]Team Gummy[/background]

[background=transparent]Kejar31 - Primary Developer and Project lead[/background]
[background=transparent]Syaoran12 - Primary Developer and Project lead[/background]
[background=transparent]Jrummy16 - Primary Developer (part time)[/background]
[background=transparent]Sixstringsg - Developer[/background]
[background=transparent]X13thanglex - Developer and Moto Maintainer[/background]
[background=transparent]Stevespear426 - Developer[/background]

pauljohnson75 - Developer​

[background=transparent]Mobile_Sensei - Developer and Artwork[/background]
[background=transparent]Imoseyon - Kernel Dev[/background]
[background=transparent]TKGlitch - Kernel Dev[/background]
[background=transparent]PoiTEE - Forum Support Guru[/background]
[background=transparent]Daank - Wallpapers and Artwork[/background]


[background=transparent]Android AOSP 4.0.4 Based (neither CM nor AOKP we built this from the ground up)[/background]

[background=transparent]General UI[/background]
  • 180 Rotation - CM
  • Longpress Back Button to kill apps - CM
  • [background=transparent]Volume options - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Unlink notifications Volume - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Statusbar Brightness - CM[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Turn on/off Boot animations - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Turn on/off Boot animation sounds - Gummy original[/background]
[background=transparent]System UI[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Hide Alarm - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Date opens Calendar - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Statusbar color - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Notification Transparency and color - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Clock Style - XoomDev[/background]
  • [background=transparent]AM / PM - XoomDev[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Clock color - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Battery Type - XoomDev[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Battery Text and color - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Battery Bar and color - AOKP[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Custom carrier text and color - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Pull Down Carrier text and color - Gummy original[/background]
[background=transparent]Softkey Settings - AOKP[/background]
[background=transparent]Power Widgets - CM[/background]
[background=transparent]Lockscreen Styles[/background]
  • [background=transparent]All available styles were ported to ICS By Team Gummy[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Camera/Sound picker - Gummy original[/background]
[background=transparent]Lockscreen settings[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Lockscreen Battery % - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Volume rocker wake - CM[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Volume rocker skip music - CM[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Music widget Revamped ICS - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Locskcreen before Unlock - Gummy original[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Quick Password unlock - CM[/background]
  • [background=transparent]SMS Text, Popup and color - Gummy original[/background]
[background=transparent]LED Settings - AOKP[/background]
[background=transparent]Themes - CM[/background]
[background=transparent]Performance - Gummy original (everything in here was from us)[/background]
  • [background=transparent]CPU frequency[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Voltage Control[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Start-Up tweaks[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Free Memory[/background]
[background=transparent]Boot animation sound - Team Bamf[/background]
[background=transparent]Faster rotation animation - Gummy original[/background]
[background=transparent]Inline Kernel - CM[/background]
[background=transparent]All Builds are run thought PNG crunch - CM[/background]

[background=transparent]Third Party apps (closed source) ..[/background]
  • [background=transparent]APEX Launcher - Android Does[/background]
  • [background=transparent]ROM Toolbox - Jrummy16[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Root Browser - Jrummy16[/background]
[background=transparent]Third Party apps (open source)…[/background]
  • [background=transparent]AppWIdgetPicker - boombuler[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Superuser and SU binary - ChainsDD[/background]
  • [background=transparent]OI FileManager[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Term - Jackpal[/background]
  • [background=transparent]BusyBox[/background]
[background=transparent]CM Based Apps[/background]
  • [background=transparent]T9 Dialer[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Quiet Hours[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Automatic Backlights[/background]
  • [background=transparent]Tmobile Theme Manager[/background]

[background=transparent]ROM - [/background][background=transparent]Team Gummy Github[/background]

[background=transparent]Kernels - for all inline kernels[/background]

[background=transparent]Tuna[/background][background=transparent] - Credit Imoseyon [/background]
[background=transparent]Crespo[/background][background=transparent] - Credit CM[/background]
[background=transparent]Otter[/background][background=transparent] - Credit Hashcode[/background]
[background=transparent]Stingray[/background][background=transparent] - Credit CM[/background]
[background=transparent]Aries[/background][background=transparent] - Credit Glitch[/background]
[background=transparent]TF201[/background][background=transparent] - Credit Team EOS[/background]

[background=transparent]New Features[/background]

[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Full list of new features can be found here[/background]
[background=transparent]Removed to save space[/background]

[background=transparent]Release Notes and Instructions[/background]

[background=transparent]Download a zip file listed below[/background]
[background=transparent]Flash your zip file with a recovery[/background]
[background=transparent]Always install Gapps with all our builds Gapps can be found [/background][background=transparent]here[/background]

[background=transparent]**No one in Team Gummy is to be held liable or responsible for the breaking of your device(s)**[/background]

[background=transparent]You can find all releases on this page but for support please visit the release subforums and find your device![/background]


[background=transparent]Stable Builds (builds that should be problem free)[/background]

[background=transparent]Beta Builds (builds with known issues)[/background]


[background=transparent]Support Team Gummy... We are only able to do so much as we are a small team[/background]
[background=transparent]If you want new devices supported please help us out by either joining the team (as a developer for that device) or donate.. Donations can be found within the about team gummy section on your device.[/background]
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Waiting on someone to donate them to us i think? =/
Is the "otter" release for the Kindle Fire?
Could someone please explain the in line kernel?

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
Just means that it gets built from the dev's source instead of being prebuilt. This makes it easier to always keep it up to date.
Is anyone having problem connecting via USB to upload files? Mine connects but I can't upload any files to the phone.
Which device/build? If DX, D2, or D2G use one of the nightlies, was my derp on them.
Are there any themes for this ROM
The theme chooser is built in. You can use any cm9/aokp theme that uses it.
that's my problem too... I just seem to keep coming back... the other roms get less than 24 hours time before I pull a nandroid

on another note... am I seeing that the OP is not getting updated like the other thread... is their yet another thread for gummy.. or is their no interest in updating the OP anymore...
additional rant... sorry, but this thread is under the vGNex list... why do I see several questions about the bionic and other phones...

/rant (taptalk2)
Because this is the official release thread for gummy, not the release thread for say toro or targa or any specific device.
Is there a way to display the weather in lockscreen as Fahrenheit and not celcius? Me never learned Celcius.

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Gummy Settings > weather > uncheck "Use metric"
On the Kindle Fire [Otter]. Each 'normal' reboot boots into recovery. Any way to turn this off?
If its like DX/2/2G then click press reboot first even though its already selected. Doesnt seem to register that its selected and goes to recovery instead.
will there be gummy bean?
Not unless Kejar decides to revive Gummy (which I kind of doubt).
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