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Hi all!

Well, thanks to everyone for their donations-- without you, this wouldn't be possible.
I present to you, one stepping stone towards custom ROMs: the shipping ROM on the device, backed up as a NANDROID.

What is this?
This is the shipping ROM on the device. There are no changes to this ROM besides being rooted.
How do I use this?
Extract the contents of this file to your SD card (external SD card) under
and you will end up with a

Run Clockwork on your device, and select "Backups and Restore" then "Restore". Select "revo_stock" as the backup to restore.
What does this backup include?
This backup ONLY includes /system and boot.img. There is no recovery.img in this backup, nor is there a /data or /cache.
Will I lose my apps or information if I restore this backup?
No you will not, this backup will not touch your /data partition.
Why is this useful?
Accidentally erased something important in /system?
Removed something and now 4g Hotspot doesn't work?
Restore this, and it'll fix that... of course all the stock OS will come back, but hey-- you get a second chance

Special thanks to Snipa and s0up for hosting this file for me, as I really really really hate upload sites.
Contact Me!
Got an issue with this release? Post here!
Want to contact me privately? PM me on XDA or Rootzwiki
Twitter your thing? Follow me, @tylerfixer on Twitter

Join the official LG Revolution dev IRC channel at freenode on #lgrevolution
I'm IOMonster on IRC!
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