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For all phones running CyanogenMod 9



Status Bar Layout

Date Format

Brightness Control

Horizontal Recent Panel

Clock Location

Power Widget Enhancements

Tabbed Layout

Bottom Statusbar

Volume control

Statusbar Theming


Reloaded ICS replaces the default user interfaces and adds many options for you to choose from.

Install CWM zip in recovery, clear dalvik cache, and reboot.

After reboot, click on the settings button in your expanded statusbar, or find the Reloaded ICS icon in your app drawer.


Any Deodexed CM9 ROM

Reloaded ICS is not compatible with tablets.


Version 1.9b2


MD5: 8b3d691584ba53d3f585ede12b53cd1b


Alexey B




Make sure you thank the people in the list above, their support and testing is the only reason I'm still doing this! :)

I work on Reloaded ICS as a hobby, but as a student any small donation is really appreciated, you will also get added to the mailing list for testers to try out prereleases.


April 2, 2012 - Version 1.9b2

Restarting UI no longer necessary for changes


New app to allow better organization

Navigation bar customization (CM9 navbar editing patched in)

New wifi/3g/battery icons to allow for theming

Too many to list!

Known issues:

Power widget disappears when toggling tab layout, turn themes on/off to fix

Hard to see activity indicator on top of new wifi/3g icons

CM9 Torch toggle requires you to have torch app installed (net.cactii.flash2)
(not really an issue but listed here to avoid erroneous posts)

Wrong text being displayed on USB connecting for certain devices

March 20, 2012 - Version 1.7

Audio widget - volume slider in statusbar

Widget ordering, select how you want audio/backlight/power widget displayed

Hide auto-brightness button option

Date positioning options as requested

Large battery text style

Updated Reloaded Settings


CyanogenMod Team

thebobp, Munfered, Recess, RATBORG (testing)

AOKP Team (Brightness Slider, Recents Panel)

htzs (new wifi/3g icons)

djdarkknight96 (power widget icons, 1.51)

Android Team

Android Enthusiast
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Nice Job, are there any plans to bring the lockscreen layout changes over as well? Like Quad and OctoLock with custom targets? Would be sweet.
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