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I found this over on XDA under Moto G Android Devlopment. The author made a small change to the Moto G Logo.bin file using a hex editor which causes an unlocked device to display the normal logo on the Moto G.

The author's description of what he did to the logo.bin file:

Via hex edit, man! I discovered that on header of file there's a mapping of boot type -> offset of image. =P So I changed offset of logo_unlocked to be the same as logo_boot.
I compared the files side-by-side myself in a hex editor and thought it was worth attempting to flash. The result was that the warning was replaced with a momentary display of the image below before going through the animated logo sequence:


As always, the standard disclaimer applies - I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device - good or bad.


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if you guys look over at this thread:

you can download and flash any of the boot logos that other people have created as well. there are also links in that thread to show you how to create your own in photoshop. with locked BL you basically have to "fastboot flash logo (logo name).bin" instead of the "fastboot flash clogo (clogo name).bmp" With a locked BL you must flash the logo not the clogo. There are lots of ones that people have created on that thread. I use the one that looks like the one posted in this link but says developer edition under it instead of google company.
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