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II can do this for other ROMs/THEMEs, but please provide a link to the ROM/THEME.


1. Install either Button Saviour (from Market) or LMT Launcher From XDA:
2. Make a Backup.
3. Install one of the below Zips using CWR:

XMT Help:
- Install Apk.
- Launch the App
- Set Autostart TouchService to 1
- Set Mode to either 1 or 2 (1 is for gestures + pie, 2 is for just pie)
- If you want to use Gestures, go to the Commands Tab and setup some Gestures.
- Click the Start/Stop TouchService setting to start the app.

These will wipe out any other mods you have applied to your framework-res.apk.

I won't take credit for figuring the MOD out, mrx88336350 over at XDA get's credit for posting what to change, I just modified the framework's and made a zip.

People to Thank:
mrx88336350 (XDA) for figuring it out and posting about the Mod:
Noname81 (XDA) for creating the LMT Launcher.
Spartan051xKurtA for finding the above post and sharing it here: (You will find more info on the Launcher options here).
MikeToasty for posting some info on LMT.

Jelly Belly 3.4
No power reboot options:
With power reboot options (credit to bouchigo for power options):
Both Tested. Enjoy!

I can do this for other ROMs/THEMEs, but please provide a link to the ROM/THEME.



Using LMT Pie Option:
Shark Fin Cartilaginous fish Font Requiem shark

Using Button Saviour:
Shark Fin Requiem shark Font Fish


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Port it yourself:

I am not sure if this will work for a GSM ROM/THEME, but if I had to guess you can follow all of these steps and then just find someone's GSM zip and replace their framework-res.apk with your new one and flash. Or just follow all the steps and try one of my zips.

I know there are other ways of doing this, but this is what I have been doing it for ICS frameworks:

If you already know how to decompile and compile ICS frameworks, you just need to change the following:
\framework-res\res\values\bools.xml: config_showNavigationBar set to false.

Otherwise, read on:

- Most of the directions and the download are from Ghosthunter's Post: (But no need to click, everything is below).
- Make sure you have a Java Runtime installed AND MAKE SURE YOU USE 7ZIP NOT WINZIP OR YOU MIGHT BOOTLOOP.
1. Download
2. Create a folder on your C drive (C:\apktools) and extract the contents of the zip to your new folder.
3. Pull the framework-res.apk from your ROM\THEME (should be in system\framework).
4. Rename apktool.jar.1.4.2 to apktool.jar in your folder.
5. Open a Command prompt in the folder you created and type\paste:
java -jar apktool.jar if framework-res.apk
6. Then type\paste in your command window:
java -jar apktool.jar d framework-res.apk
7. Go into your decompiled framework-res (C:\your folder\framework-res\res\values) find bools.xml and edit it in Notepad.
8. Find config_showNavigationBar and set it to false, Save XML.
9. Rename apktool.jar to apktool.jar.1.4.2 in your folder.
10. Rename apktool.jar.1.4.3 to apktool.jar in your folder.
11. Then type\paste the following in your cmd window.
java -jar apktool.jar b framework-res
If you get errors, make sure you used 1.4.2 to decompile and 1.4.3 to compile.
If you don't get errors:
12. Using 7ZIP, open your original framework-res.apk (C:\your folder\framework-res.apk) and your new framework (C:\your folder\framework-res\dist\framework-res.apk).
13. Delete the resources.arsc file from the original framework-res.apk and copy resources.arsc from the new framework-res.apk to the original framework-res.apk.
14. Download one of my above zips.
15. Using 7ZIP, open the zip you just downloaded and replace the framework-res.apk in the zip (system\framework\) with your new one.
You are done, flash away.

If you are able to flash yours fine, post a link and share it, I will add them to the OP as tested downloads and give you credit.

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so i flashed it onto AOKP Milestone 3 and i don't think it works right for it. i know its not listed as one of the supported roms but build 23 is listed so i thought what the heck. kept getting crashes where its telling me to clear default in Home Settings>Applications>Manage... and then asks me to select an action: Activity %1$s is not responding or %2$s is not responding. if i select the first one, it brings me to a a google feedback for android TOS screen and if i select the 2nd option, it just redraws my launcher.

i'm sure it wasn't meant to be used with Milestone 3 but i justed wanted to bring it to your attention since it doesn't seem like anyone has tested it on that yet.

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I've been searching everywhere for a screenshot of LMT with pie mode. One question though: does this affect how the quick controls work in the browser or ICS Browser+?

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Just posted this in the original thread, but might as well post it here as well...

I flashed the AOKP 23 MOD on AOKP 22 and it worked just fine. In case anyone with AOKP 22 was holding off on flashing this.
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