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Post: BootManager FAQ & Discussion
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Posted by: strongergravity
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I figured we needed a thread to discuss the BootManager app.

First, big thumbs up to GFlam & Conap for this app! I used Conap's CELEB CM Roms on the Eris for a long time.

They have a Manual on their site.

What does it do? You keep your rom on the phone, and you can add up to 4 more on your SD card. You use the app's menu to select which one you want to boot into next.

What is it? it is an apk you can get from the market. It lives on your phone. It doesn't mess with Clockwork and such.

What's the catch? There is something you have to pay attention to...It requires a connection to the market to verify it's authenticity. So, whenever you add a new rom, you need to connect it to the market...the trick: you need to flash gapps right after you flash a rom before you boot into it.

What If I forgot to flash gapps?!? No big deal. If you boot into a rom you installed that doesn't have the market, the BootManager app won't work, so you can't use it to boot back into another rom. They have a solution - boot into recovery and flash the "" located in the bootmanager>phonerom folder on your sd. Then your phone will reboot into your internal phone rom.

What's the catch, part 2? Some roms have custom scripts that run when they boot, so they don't play well, especially when installed on the SD card.

What else do I need to know? Rom installs take longer. After installing, the roms on the sd card do not lag. You can back up the roms that you install through the app.

This is a dream for people who want to play with nightlies or try a bunch of roms, but need their old-reliable come Monday morning. Check it out!

Disclaimer: I have no affliliation with Init 2 Win It. I just love this app.
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