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Some time earlier in the week, a user posted this link:

I did not find it, so don't give me credit. I wish I could remember who first mentioned it, so I could give them credit.

On page 8 it details instructions on how to download the qualcomm git for their gingerbread build for our chipset. I'm not a DEV, but I have decided to try and stumble my way through this.

So far I've set up an Ubuntu VM, installed the necessary tools, sync'd the repo and began the process of compiling. My first stumbling block was no target for ''.
My assumption is that this is a proprietary file that we don't have source for. However, that doesn't mean it's not available. I've temporarily gotten around this by disabling acceleration in webkit (which will likely mean an un-accelerated browser). The compile is still running, so I may have other roadblocks to come yet.

If anyone can find this file, or give me some hints on how to proceed I'd appreciate it.

Please don't litter this thread with status updates, requests for features, etc. This is my first time even trying to compile android from source. I have little expectation it will work. You should have even less. If I get lucky, of course I'll share.
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