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[Request] Icon/Logo Designer for ROM

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Hey everyone, I am in need of some graphical work regarding a logo for my upcoming rom, Carbon. I have a rough idea of a possible logo but I'd love to see some other options. Ideally it would be good if this could be done out of heart, but I am happy to pay for someone, but please be aware I am not made of money, and I have very limited funds at the moment (too little to go through a design firm as I found out).

If anyone is interested, or is up for a challenge, see what you can come up with for Carbon, ideally relating to the elemental side of things. My rough idea (inspired by the MIUI backup animation pre 1.7.22, a screenshot is attatched) is that a phone (in my case, a Nexus S shaped device) is the nucleus of the atom (Carbon) with the electron shell around it (carbon has 6 electrons but it seemed cluttered with that many).

Feel free to either post ideas up here (like the mascot thread) or just send me an email/PM (jonathongrigg at gmail) if you prefer.

*I wasn't sure where to put this, its more of a General thing, however there's no regular themes section AFAIK (only Theme Engine themes) where it would be better off. Feel free to move it mods if needed*

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