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Hello all,

I am somewhat new to the forums here and XDA still. I am trying to flash a Dell Streak 7 back to a Stock Froyo 2.2.2 image and running into some dead ends. All of the links are drying up it seems and if you don't know someone by proxy its dificult to obtain what you might need in many cases. As for my situation with this current device, I have almost everything I need to get this done at this point but I'm missing what look like two key parts to the process according to the XDA forum on the topic.

The files are listed as NVFlashPart1 and NVFlashPart2 but link to multiupload and timeout with all thats going on with file hosting.

I either need someone to help out and post those files or I need some guidance on an alternative means.

Please and Thanks

...If this is posted in the wrong place I apologize...the forum at xda I was following is:
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