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[REVIEW] BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber Armor

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I bought the Bodyguardz Carbon Fiber Armor as I couldn't find a case that I liked. I'm not a big fan of those leather cases, which it seems is all you can find. I would love to have Samsung Book Case cover but it is WAY over priced. Having said that, I purchased this as it allows you to maintain the thinness of the tablet.

  • Allows you to maintain the thinness of the Tablet
  • Attractive
  • Comes with a great screen protector (I'm not using it however - I have a Steinheil)
  • Great "Warranty"
  • Provides grip to the device
  • Quick Shipping
  • Color Options (Black, white, and Red)
  • Pain in the ass to put on.
  • Thin strips on the sides look retarded.
  • Thin strips on the side don't protect the entire sides.
  • Did I mention the thin strips on the side?
  • Gaps between the back panel and side strips feel odd in the hand.
  • Provides very minimal protection.
Pricing is $29.99 and it comes with free shipping. I've attached some pictures for you to look at. Overall, I would recommend it for those of you looking for additional grip and a bit of protection. If you're looking to add some personalization to the tablet as well without adding a bulky case this is definitely for you. On a side note, I hope dev support picks up for this device. Half the reason I bought it :p
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I bought on of these thinking it was something completely different. On Amazon, I thought the photos made it look like an actual form-fitting case, but really it's basically just a sticker that sticks on the back of the tablet. How it's supposed to protect the tablet from anything other than scratches on the back is beyond me, and as the OP points out, the gaps on the side offer no protection at all. Not only does it not protect the tablet, it doesn't stick well to the corners or edges of the tablet, even if the surface is totally clean, and constantly peels off.

I kept this "guard" on my tab for about an hour before I became too frustrated with it. I took it off and threw it away.

I would not recommend this product. It's a glorified, extremely over-priced sticker. It looks cool, so if it stayed on and cost no more than $10, at the absolute most, and if the manufacturer/Amazon was honest about it being what it is instead of making you think it's more than a sticker, it would be cool, but as is, it's terrible.
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