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Paul627g & ZiggSVO bring you Iced Synergy.. Its a "glassed" theme, mildly done so it doesn't chase users away with too much glass effect. This is based on the Code Name Android ROM only at this point.

Thanks to the following..

Zigg, my partner... He is there whenever I need something.
jstntp of Team Hydro/Dooderbutt ROM for helping me resolve a make it or break it image issue

Shane6374 for his usual awesome support
Ragnarokx, Cyber Warrior, mclarryjr & Beezy of the AC Staff for their support and giving the thumbs up on the idea of the theme.

Installation Instructions

*** Must be running Code Name Android ROM v1.3.3

1. Download & Place on SDCARD
2. Boot into CWM
3. Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
4. Flash the file.
5. Reboot and Enjoy

Download: Iced Synergy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts