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Ok Guys I Finnaly Got It Booted :)

The Goods
Desire HD Sense 3.0 Official Rom WVGA Scaled By HTC
Icons Work On Homescreen
No EGL Issues :)

3D Homescreen In Display Settings
SMS Backup And Restore
Sms Block
Sms Secure
Overscroll Glow
Advanced Reboot Menu
Screen Calibration
MX0 Compressed

Newtoroot [A lot of things can't even begin to thank you man :)]

Link Stable:

Bugs For Stable Version
Emmc Wont Mount To PC

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Changelog RLS1
Extra Quicksettings [Sense 3.5 Style] [Thanks Lyapota]
Added HDR/Panorama/Scenes/Burst/Trackball Focus/And Others
Fixed Stock Player Reading Music From Emmc [Thanks Newtoroot]
Mx0ed Whole Rom [More Ram]
Probably More Im Forgetting

Changelog B2
Fixed SDCard Mount To PC
More Ram
Fixed Effects FC In Gallery
Removed Some Useless Stuff.

Changelog B1
Added Overscroll Glow
Mx0ed Resources [Better Ram]
Mx0ed Apks [Better Ram]
Added My Own Special Little Tweak
Added TV-Out
Fixed Wifi
Added Tiny's Kernel
Sped Up Framework And Resources
Fixed MMS
Added Advanced Power Menu
Initial Port
Added 3D Homescreen Setting
Added Sms Secure
Added Sms Block
Added Sms Backup And Restore
Fixed G Sensor
Fixed SD-Card Mount To Phone
Fixed Wallpapers Display
Added Screen Calibration
Changed Evdo To 3G

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"Alright ive become seriously annoyed so im not updating this rom here anymore allmy updates will be on rootzwiki " JoelZ9614

Hope to see you over here....Not a big fan of "over there" anyway.

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just downloaded and about to flash !
This will be my first Joelz rom too. I do have a quick question for you

going along with this...
"".... allmy updates will be on rootzwiki " JoelZ9614"
does this mean you are gonna stay on this rom for a bit and have plans to update it?
I ask because I want to do a theme for this rom and don't want to waste the time if you have already been working on a different latest and greatest rom. :)

oh I don't think I have told you but thanks for all your work on the incredible scene too, definitely has increased my experience!! appreciate it!!

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Lol, I jumped the gun already and ported the pngs, now a run through the xmls :) and I haven't even flashed it yet.
this is my first time porting a theme... well its my first real theme really so any pointers anyone wants to pass this way, I have open and eager ears :D

Here is the screenshots from what I was working on for Synergy .... tell me what you think.


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It looks great, but that theme would be a battery killer on the AMOLED screened Incredibles like mine, lol. :android-smile:

EDIT: One more thing. I posted this on the XDA thread before you abandoned it, Joel. Only HTC's skins will show up... would you know of any particular reason why and is there anything you can do to fix it, or would the skin dev need to fix that?
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