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Here you guys go this is all of my progress.ill eventually make my own thread but for now i dont feel like its aesthetically complete...
Huge Thanks To Damo For Resizing the whole rosie it still needs some more work but its usable still has all the known bugs in the OP besides wifi...wifi is now fixed.....mms should work now......all apps have been resized....huge thanks to mbobino for getting this port going



Lockscreen Needs Resizing
Dialer Needs Resizing
rosie app drawer needs resizing
aosp widgets need resizing
some htc widgets need resizing
please report more if you find any..

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Oooh, this looks exciting, despite all you "blah"s :androidwink:

By the way, I think I'll love the reduced homescreens, it always drives me so nuts to have blank homescreens, I just end up filling it with mail widgets :_con: or twitter

Hmmm, I got this very odd message as soon as it booted

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The first couple boots for me were pretty unstable and got "stuck" a lot. But I kept bulling the battery and restarting it and I think on the 3rd boot it started working pretty well. No force closes since, phone is responsive. Apps work and install properly, market works, syncing works, wifi works, all the basics seem to work so far. Still need to test some stuff like alarms and the clock, camera, video cam (these are known not working right?), and all my random apps. Titanium backup works fine, as does SMS backup and restore. Even coming from a 2.3.3 ROM when those things were backed up. So it seems pretty good and stable, just mostly resizing stuff. I think I will try that camera mod and see if that will work on this ROM or not.
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