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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Unlocked GSM

Optional:: Custom Settings

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Themed

Android Version:: 4.2.1 (JB)


FactoryROM Project:2013 v1.0 - Team FactoryROM
Follow us on Twitter: @FactoryROM

* Android v4.2.1 Base
* FactoryLauncher v1.0 - Custom Jellybean Launcher
* Factory Stickers - Custom Wallpapers
* Custom Settings with ROM Control
* User Interface has been Darkened for Better Battery Life and Quick User Interaction
* T-Mobile Theme Engine (for AOKP & CM Themes)
* FactoryROM Stickers (custom Wallpaper Chooser)
* Custom FactoryROM Project:2013 Theme Systemwide
* Custom Device Options for the Galaxy Nexus
* Performance Control App (for Setting CPU and Governer Options)
* Inverted GAPPS
* SuperSU Super User App
* All Stock Apps Themed

User Interface Settings:

* Ability to Add Custom Boot Animation
* Ablilty to Disable Boot Animation
* Custom FactoryROM Boot Animation
* Ability to choose Android Launcher (through Aroma)
* Ability to change Custom Carrier Label
* Ability to choose Notification Background
* Show Notification Count on Statusbar
* Added Statusbar Brightness Slider
* Ability to change Statusbar and Navigation Bar Opacity
* Ability to Enable Kill-All-Button
* Ability to show RAM usage in Recents Menu
* Ability to Hold Back to Kill Current Activity
* Ability to Allow 180 Degree Device Rotation
* Ability to Show IME Switcher

Lock Screen Settings:

* Ability to change Lock Screen text color
* Ability to Display Battery Life Percentage on the Lock Screen
* Ability to use Volume Control to Wake Phone
* Ability to use Volume Control to Skip Tracks of Song while phone screen is Off
* Ability to Allow use of All Android Widgets on Lock Screen
* Ability to Allow Unlimited Number of Widgets on Lock Screen

Power Menu Options:

* Ability to show Screenshot, Torch Toggle, Airplane Mode Toggle and Navigation Bar Toggle

Navigation Bar Settings:

* Change the Menu Location
* Change the Menu Visablility
* Change Navigation Bar Color, and Glow Color
* Ability to show Menu Arrow Keys in Navigation Bar while typing
* Ability to customize Navigation Bar Buttons and Shortcuts
* Ability to change the Number of Navigation Bar Rings
* Ability to choose Navigation Bar Ring Shortcuts and Applications
* Ability to change Navigation Bar Height is Portrait and Landscape
* Ability to change Navigation Bar Transparentcy
* Ability to configure Navigation Bar Widgets

Status Bar Settings:

* Ability to change Battery Settings
* Ability to change Clock Settings
* Ability to change Signal Settings
* Ability to change Statusbar Toggles

Systemwide Settings:

* Ability to configure LED Otions
* Ability to configure Sounds Options
* Ability to configure Advanced Vibration Options

ROM: FactoryROM [URL=Project:2013]Project:2013 v1.0[/URL]
MD5: d24b345a452f14cd6aa4e7609a13dd84

GAPPS: FactoryROM [URL=Project:2013]Project:2013 GAPPS[/URL]
MD5: d7de113de07dbf944f0522a046f87514

* AOKP and CM Team for the Wonderful Android Base
* All of my Testers (You know who you are)
* Droid-Hive (for Hosting my Work)

Wannabe Developer
404 Posts
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[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]Flash it while it's[/background][background=rgb(245, 245, 245)] HOT! [/background][background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]Introducing FactoryROM v2.0[/background][background=rgb(245, 245, 245)] Project:Sweet[/background]

Wannabe Developer
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Any news about v3?

... send with GNx - SlimBean - v3.1.0. ...
I have been hard at work on a new project for all Nexus devices called Project:2013. I am about 95 percent complete and should have an initial release by the end of the week. Say tuned at @FactoryROM for more details.

On a side note, I will not be posting any more of my work on RootzWiki due to issues which are out of my control. Long story short, I have been posting and supporting devices on Rootzwiki since they started and used to hold a "Developer" badge until I became sick early last year and had to halt my interaction and development on all sites. I was stripped of my badge and then I was told by staff that they changed policy on granting developer access and that I did not qualify. This news was shocking to say the least and I feel I am not getting the respect on this site that I deserve for all the work I have invested. The funny part out of all this is i was in a Developers only contest several months ago here on RootzWiki and finished a close 2nd place. I do this as a hobby but take this seriously and I want my users to know I am qualified to release quality content and that they can trust the FactoryROM name on their device of choice. I have tried numerous times to contact the staff at RootzWiki with no feedback on this issue. I really like this site and the user base, but the disrespect has gotten the best of me. Anyhow, stay tuned for an awesome ROM in the next couple of days.
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