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The das BAMF team is comprised of Trident, ThatDudeButch, Adrynalyne, and dsb9938. Thats not to minimize how many folks actually contribute to this project. We thank you ALL.

Please bear with us through some growing pains, as this is a major release and the different versions have to be created for it (remix). We are making a new thread because there is so much information to give out.

Presenting... das BAMF 1.7!




Features of 1.6

  • 1.13.605.7 base
  • Debloated, which includes vzw framework, apps, games, libs, and permissions.
  • Tweaked filesystem and minfree.
  • Zipaligned (just once, not every boot, sorry), and deodexed. Odex and deodex perform the same after the first boot, when deodex roms get....odexed. This is merely to save space in /system and make tweaking easier.
  • Added Google Car Home, removed HTC car app.
  • HTC Hub and are partially working.
  • Removed Stocks widget, and app. Google has better apps for this anyway.
  • Superuser is fixed with rmk40's version, woot woot!
  • Our own busybox, version 1.19
  • Profile added to system/bin to help prevent certain malware.
  • Kernel has init.d support, as well as adb root, and usb debugging enabled on every boot (even from a wipe). Many optmizations, tun, cifs, nfs support. Overclocks to 1.5ghz. Undervolted from 1ghz and down. Stock voltage at 1.19, slightly overvolted past that.
  • Kernel will boot at 1036mhz! You must use setcpu to overclock, the kernel will not do it for you automatically.
  • Dusk theme from HTC Skin - "Dusk" Sense 2.5 (Z based ROMs) - xda-developers
  • No location indicator, thanks Bgill55!
  • No recent apps on notification bar. Inspired by, using 1.12.605.9 framework, which appears to have quite a few fixes, at least in xml.
  • Transparent pulldown and location reticle deleted
  • Accurate battery and custom super quick transition animations, credit ThatDudeButch
  • Latest maps
  • Settings toggles, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf
  • Settings toggles control app, credit to sk806 and JSChiSurf
  • 6 bar signal mod, credit sk806
  • gps enhancement, credit to ziggy471
  • Custom Das BAMF skin, credit to gadget!
  • Custom Boot animation, credit to dsb9938
  • Some minor build.prop tweaks
  • Rebot options, including hot restart, credit to aiccucs
  • Battery charging enhancements.
  • Teeter
  • HTC livewallpaper that rotates images
  • Modded email app, credit to Rsotbiemrptson ([MOD] Stock Mail.apk with the exchange policy removed - xda-developers)
  • BAMF toolkit credit to Trident
  • Two way calling recording credit to avs333, skvalex
  • Volume keys wake phone
  • Automatic brightness fixed
  • Google Docs app instead of Quick Office app
  • Tweaked carrier text, and banner credit to gadget!
  • New shell scripts and updater script credit to Trident

Features of 1.6.1

  • 32-tab browser is back.
  • Sound events used with raising and lowering volume have been removed.
  • Further tweaking of automatic backight settings in an attempt to fix a bug with dimming and not resuming brightness correctly.
  • Rom manager included.
  • Kernel manager Lite included.

Features of 1.6.2
  • Includes features of 1.6.1.
  • Rom is now running on ext4 filesystem with extra filesystem tweaks.
  • Filesystem tweaks have been moved to the kernel. So if you stop using our kernel, you will also lose the tweaks. Sorry
  • Chinese and Japanese languages "should" work properly now.
  • US ntp server added back to gps.conf.
  • OTA updates via Rom Manager should now be enabled.

Features of 1.6.3

  • New 4.4.7 kernel with new tweaks and tweaked v/r i/o scheduler.
  • Further tweaking of autobrightness.
  • Updated toolbox to allow v/r scheduler selection and to fix sio scheduler selection bug.
  • Various little tweaks to the rom.

Features of 1.7

  • Smoother Rosie that is slightly tweaked visually.
  • Sped up animations.
  • Clear lockscreen.
  • Disabled menu unlock on aosp lockscreen.
  • New default HTC wallpaper.
  • Updated TiBu.
  • Updated Maps.

Highlights of the BAMF toolkit by Trident:

  • Includes Spare Parts
  • Cpu Settings can be changed: min/max frequency, governor
  • Built in terminal emulator
  • LTE settings, turn on/off 4G, etc
  • Mount system rw, event at boot.
  • Block ads
  • Disable boot sound
  • Disable boot animation
  • Disable sense lockscreen
  • Disable status bar clock
  • Change i/o scheduler
  • Clear cache
  • Clear dalvik-cache
  • Clear battery stats
  • Change dalvik heap size
  • Enable uber quadrant (fun script, requires quadrant)
  • Change application install location
  • Remove system apps

There are three flavors. This list above applies particularly to the nte, non themed edition.

Differences between versions:

Debloat: Very few extra features from stock. Contains filesystem, and memory tweaks, as well as my kernel.
NTE: Full featured, but does not contain very many theme elements, and very little modification to Rosie, aka the launcher.
Remix: Full featured, plus additional theme elements and graphical tweaks.



1.7 Slightly themed edition (full rom)

--I will have a wallpaper package I missed in next update.

1.6.3 Non themed edition (full rom)

1.6.2 Non themed edition (patch, requires 1.6 nte)

1.6.1 Non themed edition (patch, requires 1.6 nte)

1.6 Non themed edition (nte)

Mirrors: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

1.6 Debloat edition


Please note, this release has a new radio to complement it. - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Put it on sdcard, reboot to hboot and flash.
Note: This radio is re-released to include the LTE modem as well (mah bad). Check your MD5s! If it doesn't match, downlaod this until it does, and flash.

I also recommend a data wipe with this version.



Clockwork Recovery
Knowledge of adb

Knowledge of fastboot
Knowledge of adb (required for support)
Knowledge of logcats
An abundance of patience
A good humor

my wife
my daughter
dsb9938 especially, for all the help with the thread rewrite and images.


Patches (load via cwr):

Disable wake on volume - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Stock transitions and animations

Removal Call Recorder and Call Recorder Support (Do this if you suffer too high of volume)

Visual Voice Mail


Final notes:

-Having issues with Gmail crashing? Please clear data and cache under settings > manage applications, gmail properties.

-Unexpected closing of browser is usually due to missing Flash.

-Call recording app will record continuously, every call, unless you turn it off in the call recording options.

-If call recording app does not start, uncheck call recording box, then recheck it.

-It may be ilegal in some states to record both sides of the conversation. Please observ local, and state laws.

-Debloat edition is probably even more basic than it was before, due to the tight integration of framework mods. This means no toolbox, no reboot options. Sorry:(

-Please don't ask me if you need to wipe. You do not need to wipe, unless you have problems. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
Do i recommend it? Yes. Do I require it? No.


Previous releases


Like what we've done? Help keep us going with coffee and beer (mostly beer)! All support is greatly appreciated.





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Glad to see this one as well as the GB versions are posted here. This rom was awesome, but I couldnt resist the GB call. I still have this as my backup incase I need to go back to froyo for any reason.

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Xda-who? Thanks for giving me yet another reason to not look at that poop colored forum! Still running this, resisting GB, is just so stable!

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